Coker SS spoke failure?

I went out for a ride this evening, just after sunset. During my ride I heard a loud ping. Having heard this sound once before, I knew another spoke had failed. Note, that it is failing at the hub on the inside of the flange, twice. Particulars; Airfoil, stainless 14 gauge spokes, SEM nipples, GB4 widen Suzue hub, rider weight 205. The break, both times, have been right before the J bend removing it completely. I didn’t mark the spoke last time, so I don’t know if it is the same one that broke. The only cause I can see is metal fatigue brought on by rider weight. The Hunter has not suffered drops any kind, just use it for distance. Has anyone had this problem? Do I need to rebuild the wheel every year?

Spokes only flex if they are loose enough to flex. Chances are good the problem was caused by undertension. Tensioning and stress relieving the wheel may help, but any spokes that have been ridden loose may be weakened.


I agree. I use Tommy Miller’s 14g stainless spokes, and have never had one break. Then again I use LOTS of spoke tension.

They are TM spokes and are far from loose. What measurement do you use to gauge tension?

mine break too.

I too have had a number of my TM SS spokes break. What I do know is that after I have my wheel trued and tensioned by someone better at it than me (Gus Dingemans aka: Max’s Dad) they stop breaking for a couple hundred miles.