Coker spoke length

I am putting together a Coker wheel with the Unicycle.Com super wide hub and Air foil rim. I’m having trouble determining the correct spoke length for this wheel.

I’ve talked to Tom Miller at the Unicycle Factory, who will make the spokes for me. When it came to what length spokes I would purchase, he told me that he’s had several customers with different length spokes for this set up.

Does any one know what the proper length I will need to build this wheel?

Figure out how many spoke crossings you want and go here, .

Thank you Dirtsurfer. The calculator is terrific. Especially that it has preset measurements.

Cross 3 came out to 14-1/2"

Isnt this the same thing that you are making?

I can understand if you are doing it to save money, but for the hassle of making it your self, i don’t see the benefit.

just my $0.02

About 50 bucks? That seems like a good benefit to me.

It is similar, except for a couple of issues.

I originally ordered that wheel in January, then came the supply problem with the airfoil rim. The rims are finally back in production and are supposed to be ready to ship at the beginning of March, which is terrific.

The second problem, is that the Coker spokes aren’t available at this time and could be a month or two before they show up at

So, in order to have a rideable Coker in the near future, I decided to purchase the components that where available from wherever I could find them and build my own.

I’ll be using Tom Miller’s (Unicycle Factory) SS spokes by default, which is a good thing. I’ve only heard good about them.

Building a wheel isn’t completely new to me, I had built a couple of wheels before although it was about 30 years ago.

Do you plan to use the frame to build it or have you modified a truing stand? A Park spoke tension meter would come in handy.

I am planning on using my, brand new, still in bubble wrap, GB4 frame, for building the wheel.

I was looking at the Park spoke tension meter, but do not want to spend the $55.00 for the limited amount of use it will get.

Get a couple of extra spokes just in case you break a spoke sometime in the future. It’s cheap insurance considering the cost of trying to get a single replacement spoke.

My Coker wheel uses a custom widened Suzue hub (by Tom Miller) and the stock length Coker spokes (the spokes are the Tom Miller SS spokes). The wheel is laced 4 cross with an Airfoil rim. With that combination it all works out such that the stock length spokes work. It’s not the exact length you’d get if you used the spoke calculator but it’s close enough. It’s really convenient how the stock length spokes work with the Airfoil rim as long as you switch to a 4 cross lacing. It’s magic.

Re: Coker spoke length

“One on one” <> writes:

> I was looking at the Park spoke tension meter, but do not want to spend
> the $55.00 for the limited amount of use it will get.

There’s a good chance your friendly local bike shop will measure your
spoke tension for free. Build your wheel to moderate tension, bring
it to the store and ask nicely. Remember: spokes on a 36" wheel will
have a lower tone than more common sizes.


Coker wheel truing stand

I recently built a Coker Aerofoil wheel for a friend using an old
VAR truing stand (very similar to the common Park model) and the
new Park Tool TS-2EXT truing stand extensions. With the tire off,
the wheel just fits. The next step is to modify the TS-2EXTs so I can
spin a wheel on its own bearings rather than the axel.