Coker Speeds.

Well today I got out my dads Garmin E-Trex and clocked my self on the Coker. Here are the speeds…

Flat Average- 14.9

Up Hill Average-8.4

Down Hill Average- 15.1

Up Hill Top Speed- 13.7

Flat Top Speed - 15.6

Down Hill Top Speed- A Womping 17.3 Baby!

Right Turn- 9.5

Left turn - 12.2

Later Dudes


what size cranks where you using


Speeds mean nothing if you don’t tell us how far you rode for. A 500 yard ride is alot easier to maintain a 15mph average than say a 20mile ride

oh, erm, i rode like 1/3 mile:D

So lets see your average speed then at 14.9mph for a distance of 0.333 miles is a whoping Minute and Thirty Five seconds of total ride time. That is quite the feat evan.

All in good fun I’m sure you’ll get some good distance averages down the line. Untill then…

C to the Nuts

well that was just my comfortable speed to go

Nice but hows your leg(the one you injured,remember) handling it?

Its handleing it rellly well, even for my crashes, some times it will just feel really cold, its really weird, but then about 5 min later it goes away.

Re: Coker Speeds.

On Sun, 3 Apr 2005 18:08:48 -0500, “Evan Byrne” wrote:

>Right Turn- 9.5
>Left turn - 12.2

With your banked turns is the trajectory long enough to get a speed
reading from the GPS? Or rather I guess I mean to ask: How is that

The difference answers my question in your other thread though.

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Actually top speed over a short distance means something to those into sprinting. If you’re identified with distance and endurance riding, fine, but bashing short stuff is like a miler bashing a 200 meter sprinter. There are different events in the Olympics, and for good reason. There is no objective “better.” That’s a term that exists only in your head.



Your in SB? Wana ride some time?

Welp, I’m humbled. I was out for a Coker ride at lunch today to see just how fast i could go and live, 14MPH was all I could spin.
Do 125’s make that much difference? Maybe that will to live is the problem.

On my brother’s KH24 I hit a max speed 23 mph on flat ground with 175 mm cranks. His b*ke computer on the unicycle does both RPM and speed. I hit 250 RPM!

That i dont belive for one second.

Here’s the evidence: a photo… The speed is in KPH, since we’re in Canada. You can do the conversion yourself, if you’d like to confirm:


Dude, thats close to phisicly impossible.

i dont belive it, i think you may have a glitch in that.

Yeah dude i think iwill have to agree with Evan, 23 miles an hour on a 24"… little fishy.


It seems the computer may be a little off:

Distance per revolution: 80.5" / 12" = 6.7083’
Distance per minute: 6.7083 X 250 RPM = 1677.075’
Distance per hour: = 1677.075’ X 60 min = 100624.5’
Speed in MPH = 100624.5’ / 5280 ft/mile = 19.05767 MPH

Does that sound more reasonable?

thats still pushing it, i can see 15, but thats still cookin.