Coker Speed in training

What’s your typical Coker speed when you’re out for a spin or training for events? I know you all don’t go cruising around at 17mph all the time!

I usually lope along at 9 mph, 10.5 down hills, 7.5-8 up depending on the steepness.


I will know soon enough

I’m leaving in 30 minutes to pick up the new Garmin Forerunner 205 GPS watch.
As of tonight the guessing is over.:smiley:


When I’m fartin around, probably 10-12, tryin to get somewhere, 13-16. I used to have a speedometer but my unicycle got rained on one day during class. I took the speedometer off but the part that attaches to the frame got water in it. :\

My proper average speed for long rides (including any stops) is a bit over 10mph.

I guess that makes flat cruising speed around 11 or 12mph. I don’t really pay attention to that though, the proper average is the only useful figure, because it tells you how far you can get given a certain time.


About 3 years ago (i.e. aged around 40) on a Coker with 150 mm cranks, and fairly ideal riding conditions, I did a number of rides against the clock in training. I was riding hard 2 or 3 nights a week, sometimes doing 70 miles or more in a week. (The rides are all written up in the forum somewhere if you care to search.)

In an elapsed hour, I once did 12.95 miles. That was my all time record.

My first couple of timed rides covered between 10 and 11 miles in an elapsed hour. After that, I tended to think of 12 miles covered in an hour as a minimum target.

That’s averaging 12-13 mph for a whole hour. It was also on fairly long cranks. My top recorded speed was something like 16mph.

I once did 22 miles in just a shade under 2 hours, and twice exceeded 20 miles covered in 2 hours.

All these figures are “real time” with no breaks or dismounts.

I doubt I could achieve them now. I imagine a fit young thing like Joe Marshall could do 10 - 20% better. Even more if he cut his hair.

i don’t ride cokers very much(as i don’t have my own) but last time i was out i sprinted up to 17 mph and cruised for 10 or so miles at a fairly comfortable 11 mph.

I cruise around at 6-7 miles an hour. My top speed is 9.9 miles an hour.

I’m sooo slow.

Doesn’t anyone heed the Coker warning: “we recommend riding only as fast as you can run (in case of a sudden, unplanned dismount)”

Usually a little under 10 mph…hopefully I can get some 125 cranks soon, then it’ll be easier.
What length of crank arm do you have, Blake?

hahaha, I sure don’t ( : my fastest UPD so far was at 18.9 miles per hour, and it kinda hurt.

I’ll ride with you. :slight_smile: we can be the wobblers, those other guys can be the whizzers.

Good point, I should have mentioned that at the onset of this thread.
150’s. I like the extra power for the hills won with the longer cranks. So you want 125’s in the Palouse? You must have strong legs or ride a valley bottom.

I’ll be out there for a job interview at WSU this spring. I’ll give you a heads up and maybe we can go for a ride if I can bring my uni. If I get that job I may be moving all the way back again! Life of a postdoc is a sorry state indeed.

That’s fast! What was the damage? I’ve gone that fast before and wondered what it would be like if I came off. I don’t think I’d bounce quite as well as you.

In a herd I like to travel with the 9 to 9.5 mph crowd. That makes it easy to ride, converse, take photos, and still not fall too far behind the swifties. If I’m riding by myself I probably average a higher speed because I’m exerting more since I’m not just cruising and chatting. I don’t believe in speedometers. I’ve measured everything about myself that interests me.

Joe Marshall should never even consider cutting his hair.

Originally I liked the 150’s, but now I have the airfoil rim and it’s soo much lighter! Supposedly, the 125’s are better with a lighter wheelset. I want to get a cheap pair and see which I like better.

Nice, we should definitely do that!!
My dad has to travel for business all the time too…he does work for NASA. At the moment he’s in Holland, I think q-:

It wasn’t too bad…I tried to roll out, and it kinda worked, but not as well as it could have.
I made a thread about it, here My First High-speed UPD

I cruise just over 20km/h on rolling terrain with Coker/110mm cranks.
On the flat around 22-24km/h.
I don’t know my max speed but it’s not much faster than my cruising speed.

Uurgh that’s a cadence around 120 rpm! that IS inhuman! what is your heartrate when at rest?

For ease of reference:

20km/h = 12.4 mph

1 mi = 1.6 km
1 km = 0.62 mi

coker speed

Without an on-board way to measure speed, I resort to riding beside friends with road bikes and clocked in on thier speedometers at 10-13 on flat ground just cruising along on the flats and up to 15-16 in short sprints. I ride with the Radial TA tire pumped up to about 40-45 psi and 127 cranks, stock radial 360 wheel set and do about 40-50 miles in a week in 10 mile rides. I found that pinned pedals really help keep your feet where you want them and are the only way to go in any weather.
I can’t even do anything close to these speeds with one or both hands off the handle bar I built at the front of my seat. I’ve also been experimenting with set height recently to see how high is optimum for speed and comfort without rocking in the saddle side to side.

Thanks, It would be great fun to ride with someone I could keep up with.