Coker, Southern California

I have a stock coker 36 inch, purchased within the last 8 months, less than 50 miles on it. In great shape, seat post has been shaved off a few inches(I’m 6’0). I’ll post pictures later. I paid 470 + shipping, but I also had the wheel trued. I’m not riding it lately and I could use the cash to pay off debt.

$325 OBO and I’ll throw in a nutcase helmet.

I should mention that I’m hoping someone can come pick the unicycle up at my house in San Diego. I don’t want to deal with shipping it.

If you are willing to come pick the uni up, $300 bucks out the door for it.
If not, $325 + shipping.

Hi - do you still have your Coker? Let me know, you can email me at

I still have the coker. I’ll send an email. I keep meaning to post pictures, maybe I’ll get a chance to take some tonight.

Images attached, take a look. Some scrapes on the plastic bumper, but in great shape.

Price drop

275 pickup, or 300 + shipping if you want me to ship


I offer 200 plus shipping

More pics and some freebies

hmm, I’d rather just sit on it than sell it for 200. I know shipping will be expensive, but local people have already offered me more than 200.

I found some freebies I can toss in. A really nice 45 dollar bike pump, a nutcase helmet, some unicycle tools, and a nice chain and lock. Price is the same, 275 pickup, 300+ shipping

Hi ex86,

I’m interested in this deal. Please email me at
I live in Claremont and I can pick it up.

I’m glad you found a local buyer and hope this deal works out. Otherwise I would have had to buy it. :slight_smile:

Haven’t heard anything from the seller.

try sending the guy a private message :slight_smile:

I did. Anyway, I decided to get a new KH36 instead.

He musta sold it. At $275 it was a steal!

Hey man, I’m surevits gone but is that Coker still available? I’m local in SoCal

After 7 months, you can assume it’s gone.