Coker+skidoo trails=fun!!!

Since the winter started, I havn’t had the Coker out in the trails. I just figured that the Muni was the superior machine for the snowy and soft trails. But today, I decided to put it to the test. I did my usual Muni ride on my KH24 first, just to make sure that I had a good ride. I omitted a couple trails to leave time for an attempt with the Coker. So…I walked up to the top once more, turned left up the pipeline, and mounted the beast. Success. I was rolling quite easily through the snow. I got to the first climb, and I made it about half way. I quickly realized that the 150’s were probably not the best choice for this ride. However, there were plenty of good trails at the very top, that offered me good speed, some fun corners, and a little bit of up and down type landscape. I then flew back down the pipeline (which is a series of fairly steep hills), and down the Tim-buster hill to my car.

All in all, the Coker is awesome in the snow, and I’m planning to ride it for the rest of the winter.

Welcome to the ONEderful world of SNOKER (coker in the snow).

There’s nothing better!