Coker sighting

I recently purchased a Forerunner 305 GPS personal trainer. This device can store your ride data and you can later upload it to the supplied software or to several web sites that specialize in personal training. is one of these web sites. I was exploring this site when I came across this page:

It references a 12.4 Coker ride by aspenmike. Unfortunately it is listed as a Road Biking activity instead of Unicycling.

Aspenmike, do you work for or is this just a cool coincidence?

One reason for this may be that the MotionBased software doesn’t list Unicycling as one of its options when defining the type of activity you have tracked with your Garmin Forerunner device. I’m a big fan of MotionBased, and used it all summer long for tracking and mapping my MS-150 training rides, but I logged them all as either Road Biking or Cycling because those were the closest available choices, and if there was any option to custom-define a choice, it wasn’t obvious to me and I didn’t want to invest time in figuring it out since my tracking was for my own purposes, not to increase discoverability for the unicycling community.

If you have figured out a process to define activities as Unicycling, I’d love to see it. I’d change my ways if it was made easy to do so.

PS: Here is one from my MS-150 Ride, logged as Road Biking for above reasons.

They have added Unicycling as an activity type so you should be able to upload future rides into that activity type if you care to. I just did a search on all the unicycling rides and there are over 200 rides listed by about 25 different people.

I was just very surpised to see “Coker” and “aspenmike” which I knew of from the forums on one of the documentation pages for that I figured I would post it.

Oh, and respect to you on the MS-150 ride.

Thanks for pointing this out! I did a quick upgrade to the newest version of the agent software, and there it was. Have changed some of my more recent rides over, although not sure I’ll invest the time to change all the historical ones.

Cool to see the folks at MotionBased staying with the times. I wonder if someone sent them some product feedback to add Unicycling, or whether they figured it out on their own.

Thanks again for sharing that!