coker sighting

so im on my way back to school after a wonderful winter break. im in the passenger’s seat and my dads driving. he looks in the rearview mirror and casually says, “is that a unicycle?” i turn around and immediately recognize a red miyata seat sticking up from behind a car. we change lanes and let the car drive up beside us. sure enough, its a coker. i had a sticker that i was using as a bookmark and i shoved it against the window hoping the guy will see it, pull over, and let me ride. unfortunately, he never looked. he had new jersey plates, i think. this was around 11:00 or 11:30am friday on 495 before tyson’s corner. i did not recognize the man from the NJ muni weekend so i may be mistaken about the plates. any tips on who the mystery man may be?

Re: coker sighting

Hmmmm, are you sure it was NJ plates? It sounds a lot like me and I was in that area today, with “a red miyata seat sticking up from behind” on my Coker, on my way back to Connecticut from Williamsburg, VA, but I have CT plates. Lity, bity black car, a Honda Del Sol.

Sorry I didn’t see you, for some strange reason lots of people seemed to pull along side for a bit, I can’t imagine why. :thinking: :wink: I wouldn’t have been able to stop for long anyway- I dearly wanted to miss Friday rush hour(s) near NYC (I made it, too).

cool! my eyes were on the coker and not the plates so only afterwards did i think that i saw nj plates. i hope you had a good ride! if you are in the dc area and want to ride, just give me a holler!

I am randomly resurrecting a “coker sighting” thread. This one because it is the first one I found with a generic title.

So, I had to detour today because of road construction on my regular route. This resulted in me spotting a guy riding his coker through Scotch Plains, NJ. (Scotch Plains is on my regular route, but the detour through off my timing and if it hadn’t I would have otherwise missed him).

I’m not going to post any of his personal information, but I did tell him about this site and he may visit. He’s a guy who, like many of us, learned as a teen, gave it up and has recently rediscovered the joys of unicycling. He still has the Schwinn 24" on which he learned.

He also was aware of the LBI Unithon but had never gotten around to doing it. This should be corrected next year.

Certainly made my morning to spot a rider along the commute I’ve been doing for nearly 9 years now.