Coker Seat Search

I have a friend, yes, a friend, and hes doing this like multi hundred mile ride on his new V2 coker. He called me asking about the seat i had becasue apparently mines a lot nicer or something, I have a nimbus gel seat on mine.

ANYWAY, I once road on a seat that was REALLY comfortable, that had this like, grove, down the center, you know, got your stuff, yeah, stuff

I was wondering if anyone could tell me if they have heard of such a seat, and could please tell me said name of seat.

Sounds like maybe the Kris Holm Freeride seat. Ask around at RTUC I am sure lots of folks have them, (Marcus had them on all those red giraffes!).

Who’s doing this big ride, anyone I know?

This dude, rick? he joined the club on a Monday, and hasn’t show up since

I like the Nimbus Gel and have that on my road Coker. Not that the stock Coker seats (current, not the old Viscounts!) are bad either. Tell the new guy that, more important than the seat type is a good handlebar setup that he likes. This takes some of the “load” off the seat, and makes it easier to add lots of miles to your crotch! He should look into some kind of handle if he doesn’t have one.

Most of us would be happy adding a couple of inches :wink:

Anyway, back on topic, I also use the Nimbus Gel saddle, and have covered several thousand miles in reasonable comfort. I’ll admit that I’ve not tried a Freeride saddle, but until I’ve got a reason to change, I’m happy with what I’ve got.


if it had a groove down the center then it probably was KH but modified. You have to take the cover off and cut the groove down the middle. I think the new 09 KH saddles might have a groove down the center because of lotsof people doing it to the old saddles

The KH Fusion Freeride has a groove running down the middle. The old KH Fusion seat didn’t have the groove.

I have one of each, and modified my Fusion to have the groove.

I use the nimbus gel too. I’ve tried some others (viscount, home made b*cycle tube air saddle, KH). Nimbus gel is my favorite of all those. I don’t have any handlebars.

If I know I’m riding for considerable distance, then I set my watch to beep every 5 minutes at which time I slow down, stand up while peddling, bop up and down until the beeper stops (about 30 seconds), then sit and rev back up.

But I only ride less than 20 miles at a pop. After that, I’m not very comfortable and I’m ready to do something else anyway.

I’ve got the nose of the saddle pointing up pretty far – so my butt bones sit heavy on the big flat part of the seat.

That technique alone has had the most positive effect on comfort.