Coker Rim

plus one :roll_eyes:

You’d be surprised. If that 60g is at the outer section, represented by such things as changing to a 60g lighter tube, you can indeed feel it.

Our 36" wheel technology is woefully behind the times. Seems we had a pretty good discussion thread earlier this year with one of the Coker reps, prior to them finalizing the new design. Many good ideas were suggested, but 48 spokes was certainly not one of them.

Sounds like Coker introduced a product without talking to their customers. Pretty big mistake for any company.


If i consider getting one of the new cokers that are coming out. Then modding it will be my 2nd priority. :smiley:

so far it seems like coker has messed up pretty badly.

they have what seems to be a really heavy frame, that doesnt have brake mounts, and now a 48 spoke rim…

The thing that gets me is that they are making something that really isn’t that marketable at the moment. Everyone is using 36 hole rims and hubs right now. So why would you go and make 48 hole rims when the market and the advantages are dubious at best.

If it was a 36 hole it is already proven that it would be very strong and has upgrade ability, because there are more hubs made for it. Also a crapload of people already have and love 36 hole rims and hubs, so why annoy people by making a 48 hole rim when you can make a 36 hole and make way more money because you will be selling them instantly.

Hopefully the Coker ppl will read these posts and see the errors of their ways! Then it’ll only be another year or two 'till we’ll see a 36 spoke version!:stuck_out_tongue:

Look before you leap

You guys are really tough. We should at least wait until the product has been released, then we can see if, as a complete package it is decent. If Coker makes a reasonable priced uni that is solid, it should sell well regardless of whether some of the components are questionable to this jury.

I would have been surprised if Coker built a top of the line 36” wheel with brakes, form fitting saddle, splined cranks, stainless steel spokes, etc and then sold it for $299.00. But if they build a solid uni that is sharp looking and sells for a reasonable price, they will probably have a hard time keeping them in stock.

With the original Big One, a lot of people bought them as is, not planning on customizing them. Looking for specific features, our best bet would be to let UDC know our desires. They will probably build what we are looking for.

So, before we tear this new Coker to shreds, let’s wait and see what they are bringing to the market.

In case ppl didn’t know, this website sells the radial 360 for the same as UDC, $339…but the shipping is FREE! That’s saving like $65!

Using UDCs numbers the actual weight of the wheel will increase by 65g but if you think of rotational weight (the inertia of the wheel) the difference will only FEEL like 3g evenly distributed as the weight added is closer to the hub.

If you guys think that 12 spokes do not change the strength that much and are so worried about the extra weight they add why not use a 48 spoke set up with 24 spokes? I realize the spoke holes are offset so just use a use two skip two kind of pattern, I have seen similar spoke patterns on road bikes.

If you are content with 24 spokes you could easily lace a 48 spoke rim to a 36 spoke hub using 12 3X and 12 2X (or 4X) spokes

New coker rim with 24 spokes =189g lighter than airfoil and would feel like 251g lighter evenly distributed throughout the wheel-set.

just remember. weight further from the center of rotation will have more inertia, Lighten your tire (or tube) if you want a lighter feeling wheel.

However, to do this would require getting custom cut spokes = $$.

Read the earlier posts in this thread. To attempt 24 spokes would mean using every other spoke hole, which for this rim is offset from the center. Thus you would have a dished wheel.

No, he’s saying “use 2” (right next to each other) then “skip 2” (again, right next to each other).

This should solve the problem of offsetness.

Maybe this 1 is a concept version. Cause the way i see it is, maybe they’re putting pics just to get feedback from people like us. This version may not be finalized yet. :smiley:

But it isn’t; the rim is claimed to be lighter than an airfoil. The weight is in the extra spokes, which can only be moving the weight nearer the centre of the wheel. But I agree, a lighter rim with 36 spokes would be preferable (assuming it’s not too weak without the extra spokes).


As no one has mentioned it, I thought I’d add that the new QU-AX 36" also has 48 spokes.

I just built up a new coker rim to a Nimbus 48h hub. Before I built it I drilled 7/8" holes on the outer wall. It looks great and is supper stiff. Unfortunately I don’t have a scale here to see how much weight it lost but I am pretty sure I now have a sub 1000g rim.

I recant what I said earlier about my airfoil being not really stiff, I later realized that it was just my Nimbus frame bending while riding. My new wheel stuck in a KH frame should be much stiffer.

I am going to ride it like this for a while but am thinking of re-lacing with 24 spokes some time next year to see how it feels and how well it holds up.

Sounds awesome Saskatchewanian, could you post some pictures of the rim? :slight_smile:

adding more spokes can increase rotational stiffness, that is, power put into the hub will be more efficiently transfered to the rim. This can easily account for the extra weight. Aluminum is stiffer than steel which will add to the stiffness of the system.

I will also rehash the rotational inertia argument, saving weight at the rim while increasing the total weight will actually make a wheel feel lighter.

I race mountain bikes on my bike I have wheels that have the spoke nipples at the hub instead of the rim. The wheels are by no means considered light but when people with race wheels that can be half a pound lighter than mine, ride my bike, feel little to no difference.

Unicycle weight is most important when hopping, I don’t know a lot of people that do trials on the 36". I am by no means saying that weight is not important in other aspects, just less noticeable.

I sure the guys are Coker tried the new rim with different spoke numbers and cross patterns and determined that in some extreme cases the rim would not hold up without the extra spokes.

mmm maybe not sub 1000g as I found my original pre-drill weigh in and it was more than I remembered.

Pre drill it was 1175g so about average for a 36er rim. I only drilled the outer skin so I probably only brought it down to 1100g.

The hub on the other hand was 765g. Pretty hefty.

I didn’t take any pics of the finished product but this is it during the drilling process.