Coker riding w/ 89mm, 110mm CRANKS!

I just ordered my short cranks from unicycledotcom along with KH freemount handle.
Does any one else ride their Coker w/ such short cranks as 89mm? Am I nut to try it?

I have tried from 175mm down to 40mm, including 102’s and 89’s

it seems like anything under 110’s is doable, but certainly not very much fun
110s make for great long distance cranks, but the low speed control, and hill climbing (or descending without a brake) is quite awful

I have a 28" wheel with 102s. It’s quite a challenge to climb and descend the many, many steep hills in my area. I’m still a bit wobbly on it. (A good seat handle is everything.)

I think climbing hills with the 102s has improved my climbing ability on the MUni.

i have a 28 with 89’s, and if you can idle now dont expect to after you put on these cranks, and i cant evee imagin what it would be like with a coker. youll love the speed, but your stopping and control will decrease a lot. so basically when i want to stop fast i just hop off and run; hoping for the best. even though i lost alot of control, i cant get enough of the speed. so you will probably enjoy the speed and hate the loss control

but then again this is just my experience from switching from 150’s to 89’s, so it might be different…


Chase, what say we put those pups to the test over at Wesselmans Park or out Green River Road sometime this summer?

dude im so down with that… we should just go on a long ride