Coker riding on the (SoCal) Beach bike path

For those in the Los Angeles area, or visiting, I would like to invite riders to join me for the always fun coker/36er ride along the beautiful beach bike path. I think that there is a sort of “blog” somewhere online about upcoming coker rides, but it appears to be pretty unknown with little/no traffic, so I wanted to post here where at least it will be seen. :slight_smile:

I’m usually out there at least three days per week doing 12-20 mile rides. lately my friend David (Fellow piano tech) and his buddy have been riding with me on their 2-wheelers called “bikes”.:stuck_out_tongue: We have such a blast and now they want to graduate to the raified world of 36ing!

I did get a message from “Beck” (Becky) from this forum as she lives in the area, but so far she hasn’t had a chance to join us but soon hopefully.

We normally cruise at around 10-12 mph but it’s always just a really fun and casual ride. PM me if you’d like to join us sometime. We’re usually out there in the late afternoon starting between 4-6pm depending on our schedules.

That seems cool Terry, but if you guys are doing 10-12mph, how are you going to flirt with the girls at that speed? If I can muster up enough justification, I am going to buy a big wheel and join you guys.

Haha, no problem I can make frequent stops to get phone numbers!:stuck_out_tongue: Besides some of the babes ride right along side or just in front…good views! :sunglasses:

I will be buying a 36 soon and for sure will be down with some beach rides. I’ll let you know when I get it and can start riding!

I am moving to northridge next week, though I still haven’t even learned to ride. Hopefully that’s this week (payday tomorrow, plus paintball gear for sale).

I won’t have a 36er, but if I get the hang of it, I’d love to join you eventually

I ride along the PCH at Huntington Beach whenever I can. So perhaps, I’ll see ya.