Coker Rider lost in the Forum Sea

I’ve been digging through the forums on Coker stuff and come to one conclusion: There are upgrades? Changing the seat or brake sure, but are there rim upgrades? Did I mis-read that? I’m rather confused. :thinking:

Also, since I’ve gotten Coker riders looking here, is anyone from the Waterloo Region (Ontario Canada)? I thought until yesterday that I was the only coker rider in the area, but a friend claims to have seen someone else. Where are you mysterious unicyclist?

Coker Deluxe:

I own the one in the picture. I think it might be the actual one in the picture. That’s a great ride.

You can upgrade everthing but the tire - that’s what makes it a Coker.:smiley:

Seat is the most common - for comfort.

Spokes - stronger, lighter, and prettier.

Brake and then (if not together) Airfoil rim because it makes the brake work better as it has a cleaner weld (usually).


Tubless seems to be becoming popular - lighter.

Cool. Lighter does sound nice. I understand most things, except the rim. What’s an airfoil rim?

An airfoil rim is rounded on the inside which I guess gives it more strength and makes it lighter.

I think the best upgrades are on the wheel- simply because it is such a heavy thing.

So (roughly in order of what I think should be upgraded first-last):
-Airfoil rim: Lighter, Stronger, great for off-road
-Stainless steel spokes (Unicycle Factory): Lighter, corrosion resistant and (?) Stronger
-Tubeless Conversion. See my recent threadTubeless Coker
-Seat: Carbon is a must, to decrease flexiness when you’re putting on the power. Some people prefer airseats and seat handle extensions
-A stable platform pedal. I like Snafus
-Frame: there are several custom frames available from Hunter, KH and others

-Brakes: Could be quite good, I’ve only had one or two instances where I think I would have used them, one was the DH race at UNICON 12
-Some people prefer drag brakes for long downhills
-Wider hub: Gives it more strength but also widens the Q-factor. I don’t think it is necessary unless you’re quite heavy or use a brake (which may rub when the rim flexes)