Coker ride this Saturday! 10/6/08

Just putting the invite out to anyone wanting to join in for a super fun coker/29er ride along the beach bike path, from where it starts at Torrance beach, and go as far as we want!

It goes through several beach cities, including Hermosa, Marina del rey, Venice beach and into Malibu, and is 44 miles roundtrip! Of course, we don’t have to do the whole thing. Only as far as we want.

So far Jamey and Shadowuni are in, plus myself. PM me or reply here if you would like to join the ride, or need directions. We’ll start about 8:30am; the same time as our last ride a couple weeks back. This is the best, most beautiful beach ride you’ll find! :):smiley: :sunglasses:

I’ll be there and I’ll send out an email to the gang!

Awesome! Only thing is, that 50 mile ride we did (on this same path) for Jim’s b-day was so fun, it’s surprising we’ve waited this long to do it again! But, at least it will be cooler this time, with a high of only 67! :slight_smile:

I’ll start going to these long beach rides once I order my 36er. Unitil then, I’ll just have to wait.

It’s actually west Of Long Beach.:wink: I know you meant it’s a “long” beach ride, not the city of Long Beach, lol! Oh, and I made a mistake on the date. Still this Saturday, which is the 4th, not the 6th.:o

Well, I gues that could have been understood as “Long Beach” ride, lol. What about “lengthy” or “long-distance” beach rides?

Sure, I’m up for that, don’t mind if I do! In fact, after my MUni ride at 4pm, I’m heading down to that very beach path for only about a 15 mile 36er ride. Perfect weather there today.:slight_smile:

i will try hard to make it and i need directions

I will get that for you it’s really easy to find. I’ll post directions here asap!:slight_smile:

cool thx

Here’s some pics and highlights of what you see along the way. We start in Torrance though, instead of the opposite side, near Will Rogers state beach…which makes it about 22 miles LESS driving for you!

Ok the address, which is basically just a reference for the area where we park, is 387 Paseo de la Playa, Redondo Beach, 90277 So mapquest or google it with your address for directions, and we’ll all meet in this area on Saturday, 10/6/08, about 8:30am. I have most of your cell numbers and I think you all have mine, so we can check in by phone when we get there.:smiley:

Btw, this is the same beach ride we all did for Jim’s 50th back in 4/08. We had a great turnout and a great time…we did 50 miles!

ok i will talk to my mom and see if i can come

beach ride

Hey everyone!

Wish I could be there, but I have to work at the Moorpark College zoo that morning (and every Saturday morning) from 8 to 11.

If it were on Sunday or later Saturday afternoon I’d be there for sure.

What’s everybody ridin’ anyway? I’m on the new Coker V2 with 125’s usually. It’s my commuting vehicle between home and the zoo. It (and I) managed to hold up pretty well on Uninam earlier this year, so I’m pretty pleased with it. It does weigh a ton though…

Hey Ryan, I have no problem with switching the day to this Sunday instead of Saturday, if everyone else is ok with it. In fact, for those driving the farthest to get there, there would be almost NO traffic on Sunday as well. We should all chime in asap and confirm which day is best for most.:slight_smile:

Really? Wow, yeah, that’d be fabulous. Sunday would definitely work better for me.

Ok let’s keep bumping this thread so the others can keep updated and let us know if they can do Sunday instead. Of course, I’d be down for both days, although I usually do a long MUni on either Sat or Sunday. But I’d be just as happy doing a 36er ride both days!:smiley:

I wanna come!

I’m in for either day but Sunday would be better for me since I have something going on early afternoon Saturday and hate to be rushed to get home, shower, get back out, etc.

Sunday or Saturday works for me, just let us know! Will have to send out another group email if we change it.