Coker Ride Sunday Orange County

Terry(Unigeezer) and I are cokering in Huntington Beach Sunday at 9am. All are welcome. 200+ Club??

I did a 25 miler today at the beach, but I’m up for tomorrow as well. I would like to start from the water tower though, if that’s ok with you guys. I was also thinking 9am start would be ideal. I think the tower is a good half way point for us to meet, so we all would be driving about the same distance to get there; Me from Torrance, and you guys from O.C. It’s a bout 22 miles for me to the water tower.

I am a new member to Unicyclist and live in OC. I look forward to riding with you guys someday. However I work mornings on the weekends so a ride like this is not possible at this time.

I originally learned to ride at the age of 12 (47 years ago) and did a lot of riding with my cousin for several years including mountain trails. I still have the Columbia 20" I road back then. I also built my own giraffe Uni and road it on the streets.

Like Terry, I have started riding again but only reciently. I still need to build up my stamina and learn to ride my 36er. (That sounds nice)

I have made arrangements to purchase the Nimbus 36 that was reciently posted. I will pick it up this week.

Have a great ride. (did I just hear it raining outside???)