Coker ride in Olympia WA

A beautiful fall day in Olympia/Tumwater lured me out on the local bike path
known as the Chehalis Western Trail today. It was 50 plus degrees with no sign
of rain. My wife attends church on Sunday mornings, which frees me to worship
at the Church of the Single Tire. The trail leads of toward the town of Yelm
to the South. It meanders through some young alder trees and some older maples
with leaves changing dramatically.

I only passed a few cyclists and a few walkers today. It is such a nice level
trail (former railroad track) I am shocked at the lack of use it gets. If I
headed north I would have found more people out as it goes through the heart of
a populated area.

I recently upgraded my Coker wheel after trashing the bearings on the stock
wheel. I added a Kris Holm seat that seems to improve the comfort over the old
Viscount seat. The new wheel and new tire make the Coker a little lighter and
the new bearings definitely make it smoother.

I managed to cover 20 miles today which gives me hope that I can up my milage
for some long 50 plus mile rides. The limiting factor seems to be free time
and the ability to stay in the saddle. I am hoping for a few dry days this
winter so I keep up the mileage.

JD Miller

Where there is a wheel, there is a way.