A few months ago I posted a thread complaining about all my inconveniences that transpired in my transaction with the Coker company. I am thankful that it did not draw much attention, as that I now wish to revert my complaints to complements.

Coker over time came into contact with me and explained the circumstances of their slow response, and arranged to make my troubles worth while experiencing.

There is no reason that anyone should question Coker’s ability to deliver.
It is through Coker that I will be able to reach my destinations, as well as meet my fun and entertainment quotas for years to come.

Thank you Coker!
–Michael Menghe

Care to elaborate??

they sent me the Ribbed XLR street tire and the right size seat-post clamp for free, even though there wasn’t a problem with the tire in the first place.
shipping its self would have been like $20 bucks.

You still never explained what your problem with the crooked wheel or frame was that you were so quick to blast them about. Was that your error?
So they give you something free and you feel compelled to say there a great company?
This thread is almost as bad as the first

here is the complaint.

your right… how foolish of me to applaud a company who made an effort to win me back over with material things. I should have seen that a mile away.
I guess I’d rather have a letter or something.

How long did it take for resolution? Your original post was in early November and referenced a uni that you had bought “a while back” and that you had sent emails “months ago” about the problem. I take this to mean at least September. Was this issue just resolved in mid February to prompt the reversal review? If so, I would hardly call that good customer service. I think you were bought off cheaply (yet successfully) with a free tire to come on here now and sing the praises of their customer service.

So you had a defective frame and a bad wheel build. To make this better they sent you a new tire that you didn’t need and you are happy? :thinking:

1st off,
how do you know I didn’t request the tire because I needed it?
and who wont use a tire down the road any way?
I’m averaging about 160 mi a week, so the tire will be installed soon enough.

You guys are really starting to get to me.
Why don’t we turn this into a “what would you milk out of a company” thread? What should they have done instead? Should I have sat and sulked?
I would love it if you guys would start listing potential outcomes to his situation instead of just questioning mine.
Can you guys instruct me on what to do so that I may not be manipulated in ways that I sing for these companies?
Call it a personality flaw, but when some one gives offer’s me anything to make amends, I usually accept it. I typically have a hard time saying “well that’s not good enough”.

I guess it was never really answered in the other thread but was the frame crooked or was the wheel just dished really badly?

Either way I would have made a warranty claim on the frame because the brake posts should not brake off like that. What they should have done was sent you a new frame and clamp in exchange for your old ones and if the wheel was badly dished then they should have either offered you a refund or in store credit of equal amount to the cost of getting a wheel trued at a bike shop. You work at one so you should know how much to ask for.

By exchanging the frames coker can also try to figure out what went wrong with yours so they can prevent it from happening in the future.

When the bottle cage mounts on my T7 popped out I emailed UDC to let them know that there was a problem with the design. They asked for some pictures so they could see how it broke and how to avoid the same problem in the future. I sent them pictures and I received a new T7 in the mail a week later without even asking them for it. I emailed them thanking them for the new T7 asking if they wanted the old one back and they said that the pictures were good enough and they were beefing up the weld on the bottle cage mounts on the next batch.

A new tire may be worth more to you than good brake posts on your frame but it does not fix your original problem.

If you are happy with Coker, then that is great. I think your statement of
“there is no reason that anyone should question Coker’s ability to deliver” is coming off a bit hollow after you laid out how it took them months to resolve your original issue, which I am not even clear from your free tire story is actually complete. Either you think Coker can’t deliver or that they can. It really can’t be both at the same time. You gave us two very different stories of the problem and the resolution. The resolution you gave wouldn’t offset a few months of bad of broken product, in my opinion.

The whole point of this product review section is for people to read honest and objective feedback on products and vendors so that we can learn from others. Your two reviews are useless when considered as a whole. You were probably more accurate in your bashing of Coker, and are definitely not objective in your absolution of Coker.