Coker (Radial 360) frame problem??

After getting my new airfoil wheelset upgrade for my radial 360, I was disapointed to see how far off to one side the new wheelset sits in the stock frame. I know the stock frames on these things are mass produced, but it is about 3/8" off from center of the frame and It causes problems with my brake set-up.

I have no way to easily check the dish on the new or old wheelset, but I’m assuming that UDC’s new wheelset would be zero dish. It appears that the frame legs are actually slightly different lengths. For the past year, the stock wheelset ran in the center of this frame, which leads me to believe that the stock steel wheelset may have been “trued to the frame” and may have a slight dish to make up for the frame problem. Is this a common problem?

I found some hard rubber shims that UDC sent me with a Nimbus frame last year, and tried these out to make up the difference, but this leaves the bearing cap bolts too short: the nylon part of the locknut on the bearing cap won’t make contact with the bolt. Any ideas? Do I need a new frame or???

Thanks for the ideas.

Rotate the frame i.e. left crank on right hand side. This will prove whether the wheel is dished, or the frame is out of alignment. Don’t forget to rotate back before riding or your pedals will become loose.

If you do the above and find it is definitely the frame, there is a tutorial on UDC UK’s site on how to bend a steel frame. A few tweaks and you can probably get it centered.

Here is the link on how to check and straighten the frame.


Check to make sure that the bearings on each side of the hub are pressed on all the way. If one of the bearings is not pressed on all the way the result can be a frame that is off-center or lopsided.