Coker questions

Im considering a Coker and i wanted to kno what would be the minumum inseam required to rid e a Coker with 140mm cranks? Anyone who could help would be much appreciated.


Based on a 36" wheel with 125mm cranks, it’s 23" from the top of the wheel to the bottom pedal. Add a good 6" to get to your seat at lowest extension, 29". Probably a little more than that to be safe, but remember inseam measurement doesn’t go to the floor, just to the bottom of your pants so your actual leg length may be longer.

Hopefully someone will jump in here with a more exact number that’s known to work. Basically though, you don’t have to be tall to fit a Coker.

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Rather than working with an inseam measurement, a better measurement is the distance from the pedal in the lowest position to the top of the saddle.

Adjust one of your current unicycles to have a Coker style seat height. That seat height will be higher than for muni or trials and possibly a little higher than many people use for freestyle. You want your legs to have only a slight bend.

Adjust one of your unicycles like that and then measure the distance from the pedal in the lowest position to the top of the saddle. That will give you a better number to compare with various Coker configurations and crank lengths.

Still not a perfect way to determine if you’ll fit a Coker. There’s other variables to consider like which Coker frame, which saddle (a gel saddle will have a lower profile than a KH Fusion), and whether you use a rail adapter or not. It’s not so easy to figure out especially if you are just barely tall enough where half an inch either way will make a difference.

My inseam is 71cm (aprox 28" I think). I am just too short for the stock coker (but Roger from UDC has a 'short person’s coker frame that he made for me). I rode my short person’s coker with 140mm cranks.

I a also just about too short for the new Nimbus 36er, but again Roger was able to make some adjustments and I ride my Nimbus 36er with 125mm cranks.

I shortened both Radial 360 and Nimbus frames to accommodate my ~28 inch inseam. On my Nimbus I cut down the seat tube to where measuring from the bottom of the seat lowest position to the center of axle can be as short as 21.5 inches.

You have a nimbus and c coker?! Wow! Why’d you go with the Nimbus and is it laverndar too?

I have a 30" inseam and I ride a stock coker with the seat almost all the way down. there is an inch of seat post visible. THis makes sense with Cathy’s post, so seems like Foss’s estimate of about 29" is right on.

36ers rule!

The most accurate statement on the forum!

I’m the same size as Podzol - 30" inseam. The seat (on my Radial 360) was almost all the way down with 150mm cranks, but with 125s I can raise 1.5 or 2 inches up. Either way, it makes a short person like me feel quite tall.:smiley:

My son was 4’11" when he started Cokering. But he couldn’t comfortably fit with 140mm so used 125mm cranks. With 140s somewhere around 5’0" or 5’1" or so is probably about it (assuming normal leg length).