coker questions

I want to have a rail-type seat post adapter for my coker and I was wondering if it is possible to fit that kind of set up on a stock coker frame? Or is the frame too skinny for that fat of a seat post? Any help would be appreciated. Later.


Re: coker questions

Use a Primo Rod 7/8" Seatpost.

where do I get one?

Can I get one at the local bike shop or online? If online where? TIA. Bye.


Your LBS should easily be able to order it.

I just put a primo rod 22.2mm seatpost and a SH kinport seat rail on my stock coker and it’s working great, I have only been able to ride it a couple of times but it’s been a lot more comfortable. I have a carbon fiber plate and a roach covered air seat that was drilled for a miata seat post, but I was able to re-drill it for the more standard bolt pattern without it being a problem. I got the seatpost at for $16 and I won the seat rail at the moab munifest which was donated by Steve Howard, but they are avaible at for $23. The seat angle isn’t as easy to adjust as with a high quality seatpost like a thompson but it works. Dan