Coker question

I ve been ridin a 36 for about 5-6 months, off and on. I’m starting to notice that my hand is almost always on my handle, whereas on my 24, i rarely use my handle. Is this normal to almost always hold the handle, or is it something i should learn not to do? Advice/tips?

when I am riding my coker my hand is always handle as well, but when im on my trials, my hands are usually free.

I dont think its bad.

I don’t know what’s normal, but since I put the T7 handle on my Nimbus I keep my hands on the handles.

Riding with my hands on the handle seems a little more difficult than not. I’ve always wanted to have something to with my hands while I ride, and smoking seemed like a bad idea. I’m hoping this summer to be able to do banked circles with my hands on the handle. Also imagine using the handles looks less circus-y.

This relates mostly to Ken’s comment about banked turns…

Andrew (HCR) told me not to use the handle when carving tight, leaning turns. I think you need your arms for correcting any balance issues (especially when pushing it to the limit of the grip of the tire). By the way, I’m not good at carving turns – I’m just saying what he told me when he saw me practicing turns holding the handle.

Here is a picture of HCR. (no, he didn’t lose a hand in a bad unicycle accident)

And here is another picture of him. Again, his hands are out for balance, not on the handle.

Wow, im gonna have to practice some turns like that one my coker. =p

Also looks like he is using a steel rim, is that correct?

Yes, you definitely want both hands free if you’re going to turn as hard, and as sharp as (Andy D). Otherwise, there’s nothing wrong with using the handle. That’s what it’s there for! The more you use the handle, the more weight you’re probably taking off your crotch. This makes a difference on those long rides!

Now Andy just needs a package in his (non-) hand to make him look like a one-wheeled, hardcore UPS delivery guy! :slight_smile:

My hand is ALWAYs on the handle, whether I’m riding 100m or 100miles. Or at least one of them. For me, having no hands on the handle would be like riding a bike with no hands. Fun, for a while, but not very efficient.

It helps spread your weight and gives you extra stability at speed.

Kinda like this? =p

What are your thoughts regarding a KH seat? The handle is not really big enough to push down on.

Depending on the riding conditions, I often keep my hand on the handle just for emergencies – sudden acceleration (usually due to the wheel slowing down suddenly because of hitting a bump or depression, or sloppiness due to fatigue, or both) or deceleration (something gets in your way) or bumpiness. In these cases, I pull up on the (KH) handle. I love the seat and I like the handle – it’s just not made for putting weight on the handle.

Once upon a time, there were no handles. Before that there was an even scarier time when there were no bumpers! But even in those days we learned to hold onto the seat. First for stability when riding fast or hard, and later to take some weight off on those longer rides. You had to kind of jam your hand close to your crotch, which looked worse to non-riders than today’s holding of a seat handle. When I got my first Miyata with the handle/bumper I became spoiled immediately!

So a KH handle is something, which is better than nothing, but for lots of pressing down, a bigger handle will work better.

For GeorgeWBush, I ride everything. I have ridden unicycles with wheels from 11/16" up to 63.5". I have a 45" big wheel. Here’s me and my Coker:

Maybe I’ve got small hands, but I find the KH handle big enough for most riding. I rode my first 500km Unitour (across Vietnam/Cambodia) on a KH Seat (the first brick version), and the handle was big enough for me to rest both hands on. I also used it on my first 100mile ride and I spent a lot of time standing up with most of my weight resting on the handle. Admittedly something like a GB4 handle works better, but the KH isn’t bad.

I agree 100%.

I have an old Miyata saddle on my Coker, still with 22.2mm seatpost, but converted to an airseat. I rarely use the handle. If I’m powering up a really (and I mean REALLY) steep hill I resort to the handle using one hand. If I want to relieve arterial pressure on a long ride I may place both palms on the handle to push up for awhile. For the rare times I ride offroad I frequently grab the handle but only briefly. I also use the handle for hopping up curbs or stairs or riding down stairs.

he should try that in wet weather

Nearly all of my riding to date has been on a 29er, and I hardly used the handle much at all. Probably less than 10% on long rides, and less for short stuff.

I’ve recently bought a new Nimbus 36, and I really was in two minds about getting the T7 handle with it, but in the end decided that as an accessory mount, it was probably worth it. Well ,within minutes of taking it out for the first time, my left hand just seemed to be on it all the time. I’ve done around 60 miles now, and I’d say that it’s probably gripped nearly 90% of the time.

Since I got it a few weeks ago, I’ve noticed that I’m using the KH style handle on my 29er much much more. Both pushing down to ease the pressure, and pulling up to get a bit more power to the cranks.


And ONCE UPON A TIME there wasn’t even a wheel!

Back when they used CRT monitors? Jeeez, that must have been a looooong time ago!:smiley:


Same, even when I’m riding without my custom handles one hand or both hands, depending on the terrain is always on the (KH) handle, going uphill or downhill on a MUni will usually have just one hand on the handle, on my coker usually 2 hands, though I think with the KH handle I would only have one hand on.

I’ve got pretty big hands and I can easily ride with the KH handles, only problem for me is that they’re so close to the saddle that it makes it less comfortable to ride than with handles that are farther away. For me even the T7 is too close to the saddle for road riding.

I rarely use my handle when riding my 24, and I’m very comfortable and nimble riding up and down… so it’s good to hear you say that it’s the same for you on a coker (i assume you’re talkin about a coker). I guess I have to ride it more to find my comfort zones… ahhh shuckks… more riding.:slight_smile: