Coker question

I am 99 percent sure I am going to get a coker soon. I am going to order a stock frame from darren and have him put some brake mounts on, and powdercoat it black. Then I am going to order the UDC airfoil wheelset. Just to be sure…the stock frame fits on this wheelset right? I am going to use my miyata style airseat with a rail adapter and buy another seatpost (22.2 mm primo rod), and a seatpost clamp. Is there anything I am missing here? I dont want to order all this stuff and find out either A) the frame doesnt fit or B) I forgot to order something.

I am going to graduate to the Coker from the 29er.

seems like youve got it all together. and about thw whole fitting thing just send an e-mail and ask darren(im assuming its darren bedford) and he can tell you!

It should fit, you’ll just need to stretch the frame legs apart some to make it fit.

If your budget allows, I would also get a GB Stiffener plate and GB4 handles from UDC.
Darren put a really nice triple bolt black seatpost clamp on mine.

Or you can use the rail adapter for a stiffener like I did on mine.

You are missing the pedal! The stock plastic pedal it comes with will BREAK after MUni or other usage. I went and got some BMX metal pedal for $15, it works great! And welcome to the Coker Club! :slight_smile:

Unless you are going to do some serious MUni all the time, I think the brakes are overkill. My 2cents.

Not neccessarily, if he lives anywhere hilly, brakes are going to be quite useful. Trying to keep a heavy fast machine from getting out of control can be a challenge on some of the steeper sections of road.

Also, on the weight issue, you might consider putting a 29’er tube in there, or having one ordered so you can appreciate the difference from a Coker tube when you do upgrade and then rave about how awesome it is like everyone seems to do :stuck_out_tongue:

HERE IS WHAT I HAD TO DO to get a UDC Airfoil wheelset to fit a stock Coker frame. It was pretty easy.

HERE ARE SOME MORE PHOTOS from my gallery. Not much more info, just one more view.

my airfoil UDC wheel fit just fine in my stock frame.

you should see what said wheel is getting built into as we speak!

Yeah, I already have the stiffener plate and handles.

From the looks of it the frame should fit…after reading peoples comments, and if it doesn’t it doesnt seem like it wouldnt be too much work to make it fit.

Who currently uses the stock coker frame and hydraulic brakes? I am wondering if the frame will be strong enough or if it will wobble some(and if that will make any difference).

i don’t currently, but i did. it is 100% completely fine

even if you were to touch the rim to the pad on a very hard climb, it wouldn’t really matter anyways, you would just ‘notice it’

Okay great! I have never used brakes before but my knees were begging for some after riding 30 miles on mountainous roads with my 29er. I am just planning ahead and getting the brake mounts put on now, and I will buy the brakes later…when I have more money to spend.