coker problems

i have a problem with my cranks bending in and hitting the frame so i took them off and hammered them straight is this a problem??? where do i get parts??? :thinking:

Send it to me. I’ll fix it.

The problem isn’t hammering them striaght, but figuring what you did to get them bent out of shape.

You can get cranks at

what i did is i fell off while trying to walk the wheel and it landed hard on the one side

why would you wheel walk a coker? i know the thought of gliding down sounds cool, it is cool, but on a coker,imho,thats suicide.

it is extremly but where theres a wheel theres a way
i didnt get it yet but im still trying

can you do it on a smaller wheel? or are you learning on a coker?

yea i can do it on my 20" but its a little harder on a coker

unicycle dave…you bent your crank arm. buy a new one

lots of folks have done it and no one has died yet.


well my saddle just wants to turn out from under me. my saddle is kinda like a viscount??? would a better saddle work better

i didn’t mean wheel walking was dangerous, i was asking if he was planning on using wheel walking to learn to glide, which on a coker at excessive speeds, would be very dangerous. just my opinion though.

The short answer is to not drop a Coker on its side. Because it’s a heavy unicycle, it puts a lot more of a shock into the cranks. I know this from my old 45" wheel, and its bent cranks. Those cranks are steel, and though I avoid letting it fall to the side, it happens sometimes. Every once in a while I have to take the cranks off and beat them with a sledgehammer. Really. Someday the axle will probably break, as it’s 24 years old.

Long as you’re still dropping it, stick with the steel cranks which I assume you have now. Don’t try to bend them while they’re on the axle, as you may break the axle.

As for your seat twisting, it’s not the seat. Your post is twisting in the seat clamp. You could try a beefier clamp, or go for a cruder method I used to use on older unicycles. Roughen up the surface of the seat post so it will grip the seat tube better. As I said this is a crude method, as it can also roughen up the inside of your seat tube. Try for the beefier clamp.

Bending the stock steel cranks on a Coker is fairly common. The cranks bend because the unicycle is heavy, has momentum, and puts more forces on the cranks when it falls.

Stronger cranks are one option. You could also put Pedal Protectors on the pedals to absorb some of the impact shock caused when the unicycle falls.

Order new cranks from UDC and get some Pedal Protectors too. You can ask UDC what cranks they have in stock that would be stronger than the stock Coker cranks.

Once the cranks have bent once they’re going to bend more easily the next time. Just hammering them so they are straight again won’t fix the problem because they are weaker now.

Re: coker problems

On Fri, 18 Aug 2006 18:00:28 -0500, johnfoss wrote:

>As for your seat twisting, it’s not the seat. Your post is twisting in
>the seat clamp.

I think you misread that. His feet are so high up during ww that he
cannot control the direction of the uni anymore (through the seat).
That’s why he adds the seat type (Viscount).

It might help to have a seat with more curvature. KH?

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my answer was shorter…

unicycle dave…you bent your crank arm. buy a new one

i found the cranks that came on my coker to be exceptionally weak.

they twisted right away, and their replacements (still steel cranks for 20 bucks) lasted much longer.

call darren bedford for some new cranks

Amougst the unicycling community, eventually one stops asking this question.

I understand this like Klaas Bil. A skinny viscount saddle would wiggle back and forth beneath a boney bottom. A cushier seat, where the butt sinks in more, might provide more friction to hold it in position. Upward tilt might help too. (only an educated guess as I cannot wheelwalk any unicycle)

yea thats what i meant. i want to get an air saddle for it

the current version of the KH saddle is all you need. the more it’s tilted up at the front, the more comfortable it will be (so the fatter part takes the majority of your weight)

a seatpost with a rail adapter would be ideal, but even throwing a couple of washers on your front two seat bolts between the seat and the seatpost top makes a noticeable difference (but you can only fit a few washers in there or you can’t screw on the the nuts)

edit: my one less than current version is all i need, so i’m only assuming the newer version is even better, or at least equally as nice. basically, air was great when it was your only option for comfort, but it’s not anymore

so youre telling me a kh jel is as comfy as an air sadle
and yes i might try to jack up the seat till i get another one