I ordered a Coker v2 a while back, and when it arrived I couldn’t wait to rip off the packaging! I had recently torn a ligament in my shoulder and this was my solution to commuting without a car or bicycle. When I ripped it out of the box I noticed that the seat-post clamp inner diameter was much larger that the outer diameter of the seat tube. I assume that they tossed the seat-post clamp for the “Big one” (the aluminum version) blindly into the box. This hardly slowed the assembly process however, since I am employed at a bike shop and we have that sort of thing laying around. After releasing a sigh of relief that my trophy was assembled, I realized I should have held my breath as I noticed that my wheel was dished way out to the left. I loosened the spokes on the tight side until I noticed the spoke threads, so I am now under the assumption that they welded the frame at a slight angle. Putting that aside, I began to set up the brakes. After installing both arms, I went to tension the springs and the sheer torque of the brake spring began to twist the brake post off of the frame. I immediately begin to look for serious defects such as cracks, or other evidences of poor workmanship. After brazing on the brake post, I find that after a few rides that the other post is also twisting off. I have attempted to contact Coker but they will not return any of my emails that i have sent months ago!!
…So after many months with no resolve, I realize that unless people are aware, history is doomed to repeat its self.
I would highly recommend that you consider buying your unicycle from a rival company such as Nimbus, or even Chris Holms, who uses many of Nimbuses components for his 36" unicycle!
Sorry to disappoint, but Coker will leave you disappointed!

To discern whther it’s the wheel or the frame that is wrong, install the wheel, check whihc way it deviates, then swap the wheel round in the frame. If it still leans trhe same way it’s the frame, if it now leans the other way its the wheel. If it is the frame, putting small shims made of cut up coke cans in the upper bearing holder on the side the wheel is leaning away from will sort it.

And it’s Kris Holm.

ahh… that could very well be…

ill give it a shot.

Well, they have lost one sale over this. I was thinking of ordering a V2 (loaded with stuff) but as I am in the UK and hate this sort of a r s e ache, I’ll probably go KH, now.

Cheers for posting…

they have websites for people like you…
you should ask silly questions like that elsewhere.

Does any body here that?
I think I hear this thread yelling “kill me, kill me!”
please refer to my new thread updating my experience with the Coker company.