Coker pics.

Here are some cool pics my dad took of me this morning.
They were shot with a Cannon D-60 on 30th and a 45th exposure time.



resized pic 3.jpg


resized pic 4.jpg

nice pics there evan…




resized pic 5.jpg

nice pics and im suprised how much you have changed :slight_smile: good for you


resized pic 6.jpg



resized pic 8.jpg

If you wana see the higher quality pics go here…


Way to lay into those turns…

I liked the banked turns

Yesterday i tryed those banked turns on a sandy road, well I bet you can guess what happened.

I like the pic with the blured backround the most

Im gona go take some more and expariment with shuter speeds.

Well i got some more good pics but right at the end i resprained my ankle.:frowning: