Coker or trials?

A bit of a change from the 36"/29" discusion, 36" or 19"? I currently have a splined 24" for Muni but it’s a pig for trials, my riding mates have now got 19"s and are shooting away from me in terms of skill on trials and street, so a 19" is tempting. On the other hand, i would probably get more exercise if i bought a 36" for long distance riding, and the group has another 36" and a 28" so i would be able to ride with my friends on long distance. I live in the country half the year and the city the other half. Need to make this decision today really, any ideas?

here’s my perspective:

i had a muni and a trials.

all my trials were too far away to ride a trials to, so i would just use the muni.

It was heavier and bigger than the trials, but on the otherhand, it the 24" was also much more capable and precise than the 26" version I just taco’d jumping off a picnic table.

I got the Coker and reall got into distance riding and riding fast. While a muni makes a fine substitute for a trials, there is nothing but a Coker that would feel and ride anything like a Coker.

It is what I use the majority of the time now, I can’t get enough. On the other hand, I do not do anything more than moderate trials, but trials was something I just never was intersted in pursuing.

If you are, you aren’t going to be happy with the Muni as your trials cycle.

Ha ha, you thought you only needed ONE new unicycle!

I can see advantages and disadvantages with both:

If you get a 36, then I’ll have someone to ride mine with. The disadvantage of this is that all the hopes I have of selling you my 28 (which the 36 completely superseded) and the spare 36� wheelset go up in smoke.

If you get a trials, then I still won’t have someone to go riding on my 36 with for the time being. However, you might be tempted to buy my 28 or try and make a cheap 36 of your own and pay me for my spare wheelset.

It’s a tough one…

Get the coker…unless you really want the trials, then get the trials.

Unless you’d rather have the coker, then get that.

Yeah cheers guys, incidentally rupert scrote wants your 28 i think, i’d make him an offer of it if you want to sell, if you can ever get it back off me. It’s going to be the trials, you’ll have to wait till we next meet to find out which :thinking: The coker build from a wheel may follow, roger has both wheels and complete unis in stock atm, trust him to make my choice more difficult. And incidentally Brian, i know i need more than one new uni, about four would be good.

What you need to do is…say your budget might be 400. Go with a Sun 28" and then go with something trials like the qu-ax…then you will have 2 new cycles. Muhahahahah. Kelly.

I second that, the sun 28" will get you around and then you can still have a trials unicycle. If eventually you decide to make the step up to Coker, you could do that later when funds allow. The 28" really isn’t much slower than a Coker, it just doesn’t feel the same.

On for the sun 28" it says “Note: This cycle is intended for street use only; hopping, dropping off curbs, or riding off-road is not recommended.” Would dropping off a curb actually affect this uni? :thinking:

Coker or trials?
Trireme or kayak?
Land Rover or pogo stick?
Beer or Budweisser?

I would get a COKER. I think being wit ur friends would be more

important than being really good at trails.

Wanna race?

What a lovely sentiment. I think he’s going to get the trials anyway. However that’s probably the more sociable option as I’m the only one in our group with any big wheels, having a 28 and a Coker, although the 28’s always out on loan! I guess I’ll have to get a trials now too…

Lol. I wouldn’t fancy his chances! I can cruise loads faster on my 36 than I could on the 28. In addition, I have some room for improvement on my 36, but I felt I had reached my limit on the 28 - the highest speed I ever recorded was just over 15 mph on a Schlumpf when set to the 1:1 gearing. (The improvement gained by switching it to 1:1.5 was only 0.3 mph, due to a lack of practice on it.) I’d rather nobody ever holds a gun to my head and tells me to ride at 15mph on a 28, just in case the cycle computer on the Schlumpf was set incorrectly and I wasn’t actually going that fast.

15mph is pretty impressive for a 28"

i think it’s amazing how small that geared hub is on those Schlumpfs (wich I think is an awesome word…Schlumpf…)

As far as exercise goes, I love the excerise I get in trials. You really work out your core muscles hopping and lifting the uni, as well as the increased effort required to balance while hopping, riding rails, etc. This has helped me a ton with rock climbing, btw.

Cokering works out a far narrower group of muscles, but you will probably get really buff legs.

Trials will get you a pretty strong handle-grabbing arm.

i’m trying to perfect the seat in front still stand at intersections on the coker, I haven’t gotten a full light change worth of still stand…yet

that adds an upper body workout!

wow, I never woulda thought of that…!

I’ll try that!
Also it helps to have good handles to be able to use the upper body while climbing or speeding on a 36’’.
Anyway, you know you want a coker…