coker or qu-ax?

hey there guys! (and gurls)

i am wanting to get into more distance uni-ing

but i see that on (uk) they have the coker and the qu-ax 36 now? i emailed roger and they said that the only diffrence is the tyre. the qu-ax bieng more slick than the coker, i think that a slick tyre would be better on road as thats all im going to ride.

what are your views?

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Information on the 36" Qu-ax seems pretty scarce. Even Qu-ax’s own site ( ) makes no mention of it that I can find. Does anyone have a link to a picture anywhere, or has anyone seen this new tire?

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The difference between the Coker and Qu-ax are the supplied saddle and the tyre tread. Most people end up changing the saddles so I doubt that will be a deciding factor. As for the tyre I like the looks of the Qu-ax tyre and I reckon it would most probably be better than the Coker tyre for use on hard surface. Off road I have know idea.

My experience of both is limited though, about 1 minute indoors on a Coker and an afternoon on and off indoors on a Qu-ax.

This is exactly what I have been privately obsessing over lately–Coker or Qu-Ax 36er (or as I like to call it, the Pepsier)–
I’ll be spending the year in Paris next year, and shipping is cheaper if I buy a uni in Europe, either from in England, or from in germany, and it saves the hassle of buying one here and then dragging it with me on the plane…
So in europe, one is faced with this question…
Which 36 incher to get…
I’m totally into getting a coker, but something about the massive slick tire on the Qu-Ax (Pepsier) just appeals to me.
Any coker riders out there with an opinion of a 36 inch tire as far as slickness VS bumpy may be conserned?

QU-Ax products ->>

The Coker and the Qu-Ax 36 are very, very similar. Especially the latest version of the Coker.

The main difference is they tyre. Although I have hardly ridden the Qu-Ax one it apears on first look to be the better road tyre, it is heavier and will have less rolling resistance. Both of these factors help with road riding. Personally I will stick to a Coker tyre, but I like my off-road.

The seat supplied with the standard Qu-Ax is awful! We are swapping all of them before we ship F.O.C. to our Classic saddle, but would be very willing to swap (with a small charge) for anything else if people want.


Are they using the same rim?
Can you put a Coker tire on the Qu-ax or a Qu-ax tire on a Coker?

If the two unicycles are so similar then it seems the main determining factor will be which one is easier to get in your part of the world and which one is less expensive. It sounds like the Coker has been difficult to get in Europe so the Qu-ax will be well received over there.

I just went to the site, and it does appear that both unicycles have very similar aluminum rims (one says brushed, the other says lightweight–both seem cool!)

But, the price is different–about 50 bucks different…
Coker £235.00 ($449.63)
Qu-Ax £205.00 ($392.25)
Of course there is the issue of the saddle, which can even things out a bit…

For me, this is like trying to decide which girlfriend do I get—Raquel Welch or Brigitte Bardot…ok, maybe not like that, but close enough, in a way…

Is there a particullar weight difference between Qu-ax and Coker?

Another question: So, would it be possible to upgrade the Qu-ax 36" by replacing the rim with the airfoil rim? The tyres and the wheel (apart from the tyre tread) are pretty much the same, right?

Because the Qu-Ax are shipped from our premises they are easier to adapt - so yes we can change anything… almost.

The rims are identical as far as we can tell, they are aluminium look-a-like, but definately steel. They do seam lighter than the chrome ones but it is hard to tell. The Qu-Ax tyre is slightly heavier than the Coker one, although they are the same size (as far as we can tell) so there should be no problem switching between models. But don’t ask us to do this, we have not had any Coker tyres supplied to the UK in almost a year (thanks Coker!).


Is there any diference between the tyres when it comes to handling air pressure?
Any specs?

Are the (possibly heavier) chrome rims still available anywhere?

Hmmm… heavier tire… that would be ideal for my “Heavy Coker!” Plus the tread should make it handle better on the road and in turns. Can I buy this tire for my Coker? If so, how much will it cost (tire + shipping it the most inexpensive way to NYC)?


Isn’t there a NYC rider visiting Wales within the next week? Hand carry is always the cheapest!

coker vs qu-ax 36

So can anyone give a comparison between those two?
I´d like to use my 36" for commuting in urban area…Which one would be better?
Since I live in France, how hard is it to get parts for Cokers?
Thanks in advance,

“For me, this is like trying to decide which girlfriend do I get—Raquel Welch or Brigitte Bardot…ok, maybe not like that, but close enough, in a way…”

Been there…done that:
Brigitte Snores, and with Raquel it’s yakk, yakk, yakk!

Besides, neither of them ride a Coker! :smiley:

Someone “in the business” told me that she thought the difference was the tread. Period. That otherwise, the two tires/tyres are made by the same company with the same rubber but with a different mold and for a different supplier: And thus, of essentially the same quality.

Can anyone verify or otherwise?

2 cents

This is my 2cents on the choices.
It sounds like the only differances between the two 36’ uni are the tire and seat it comes with.

The Coker uni tires are made by a TIRE company who has experiences in making them, so I would choose the Coker.
My Coker has button tread which is great on dirt or asphalt.
The only fault I can see is the Coker rims are not true(hence the Airfoil rims). I took my stock rim to a local bike shop to true it for $10 :smiley:

Re: 2 cents

Pretty much, yep.

AFAIK Coker have their 36" tyres made in Taiwan, as do Qu-ax (same factory?)

My Qu-ax tyre has had no problems with dirt or asphalt and the new Coker rims are the same as the Qu-ax.

Qu-ax or Coker? I think it mainly comes down to availability.