Coker, or other commuters?

I’ve been thinking about purchasing a large (36") unicycle for riding around town and maybe a few long trips, but I don’t know what would be a good choice. I am looking for something around $500 or less, that has a brake mount, and a nice tire with a little grip on it. I have looked at the Coker Big One, and the Nimbus Titan 36 (which has no brake mount), but I just don’t know. Does anyone have any feedback or ideas? Thanks.

Riding abiltity and riding type

Two questions:

What type of riding do you what to do?

What are your riding skills?

Before jumping to a 36" have you considered a 29"

A 29" adds versitility for different riding terrains and off to work commutes.

The 36" provide true long distance riding but challenges a beginners abilities.

You will find that most unicyclist have more than one uni. Each unicyclist have a favorite for the style of riding they want to do.

A 29" is a capable commuter and fun arround town unicycle.
The 36" is a speed demon and true long distance commuter.

When I’m riding trails that have some complexity and off roading components, I reach for my 29". These trails will have steep climbs, steep hills and bumps.

Hard choice, but consider what type of riding you want.

BTW> See this link for a decent 29" unicycle TRADE: 29" for Freestyle or Muni
When I’m riding flat and long biking trails plus I want to travel faster then 10kph, then its 36" time.

My riding has mainly been trials, and some MUni. I have been riding for 5 years, and accourding to some website and their official “chart” I am a level 4 rider (I’m not sure if you know of that chart) so I’m not a beginner at all, but I’m not a pro :). I have thought a lot about a 29", but I figured that if I am going to spend the money, I would like something big, and fast. I think part of the reason of getting a 36" uni would be to have the option of going on long distant rides and a subsitute for a bike. The most off-road riding I would do with a 36" would just be riding through a little dirt now and then, but nothing extreme. If you have any other thoughts about a good 36" or any other suggestions, let me know. Thanks!

I would recommend doing this:

Get the new Nimbus Nightrider Pro 36.

  1. Don’t get a brake…you do not need a brake especially when you first start using the 36. Brakes are only needed for steep muni or long descents (mountain roads), but you can still do the above without the brake. It really is not worth the money for someone who is just starting out on the 36.

  2. Don’t get the T7 handle right away if money is tight.

  3. Get the Nimbus Nightrider tire. I have not had experience with it, but it looks like it will suit both of your needs. I have only had experience with the Coker and TA tires and out of those two I like the TA more.

  4. Get 127mm cranks, a rider of your “level” will have no problem starting with 127mm cranks and they will feel a lot smoother to you than the 150mm ones.

  5. Saddle: Kris Holm Fusion Freeride. Definitely the best choice of the options.

That set up is about 600 dollars, but is the wiser choice because if you eventually want to upgrade to the brake…you have a nice machined rim. Start with that set up and it leaves you room to upgrade to a handle, brake, better pedals, smaller cranks, etc etc.

Definately go for N36 pro

I second that choice.

Lighter rim and tire.

Can set tire presure between 25 - 65 psi (wowsers)

Go with KH Fusion Freeride seat for sure (best one for the job).
T7 Bar can be added later on to save on $$$$ for initial purchase.

For me I love my T7 too much to do without it.
Especially on hills and quicker acceleration.

BTW> I ordered one too.

So I take it that it’s worth it to go with the nightrider pro over just the nightrider?

Yeah I looked into that uni. and it has a very good first impression to it. Little pricy, but what the heck. :slight_smile: Don’t tke this as a, “I don’t like your ideas” sort of thing, but do you know much about the new “Coker Big One?” ( I’ve been looking at that one, and it is a tempting lookin’ thing. Do you know of any pros or cons to it?

I kinda like the alum Coker LOL

I have never read a report about one, never mind seeing one.

This is a bad , great, time to be buying a 36. So much maybe great new stuff, so few reviews from trusted riders. Yet I am sure this new stuff is great.:slight_smile:

I have a plain steel radial 36. Not so bad really.

My advice is to wonder if you want brakes at all. I live in flat Florida, and brakes aren’t a factor, I really don’t want them, they are only good for hills. Only riders in hilly places would use brakes.