coker or not?

ok, so i know that i want to get a nimbus 36" eventually, probobly next summer, but in the fall i will be doing a multi day group bke ride through the rockies. My bke is not in too good of shape, and i would have to fix it up for the ride or get a new one. I dont really want to buy a b*ke, so would i be able to keep up to 15’ish people on mountain roads with a 36er? if so i will see if i can get one this year.

Probably not. Given enough training, you may be able to out pace the bikes on the climbs, but you’ll get killed on the downhills.

Buy the Coker. You won’t keep up with the bicyclists. Who cares? You’ll have a Coker.

Well actually, you will. Because me and Madison have smashed the 30km/h barrier. :smiley: :smiley:

Well, actually I don’t like the idea of using the verb to smash in the same context as the noun Coker:wink: :astonished:


Yes, you should get one. I got one yesterday and I like it:p

Yes you should get the coker, obviously, cos cokers are great.

As for whether you should do the tour on it, that depends on who it is with.

You won’t be faster than a fit bike rider. The typical coker rider has a maximum speed somewhere around 19mph / 30kmh, varying a couple of miles an hour either side of that depending on whether they’re fit or not.

But typical averages including stops are about 10mph, going up to 12mph/20kmh for fast people and down to 8mph for novices.

A fit cyclist on a road bike will average about 18mph / 30km/h, maybe more like 20mph if they’re in a hurry.

However, an average random person who isn’t a fit cyclist, will average much slower than a fit cyclist, probably more like the 10mph of a coker rider. If the tour is just a bunch of mates of yours, who aren’t people who ride bikes every day or super fit, then a coker might fit in okay as long as you get it right away and train lots so you’re okay on it.

If it is just a bunch of randoms, then you’d quite likely beat them on the uphills, and get totally overtaken on the downhills, even a big wuss like me can do 50mph on a downhill on a bike. It doesn’t matter too much though, as the next uphill typically you’ll catch up with them.

It also depends on whether you need to carry all your gear with you. If you do, then unless one of your mates is very nice and will carry your stuff, or you’re happy with very very lightweight camping, then use a bike.


oh ok ummm…what about conquering unique speeds on a coker. :thinking: