coker or 29 inch ¿

er yeah the title states the queastion and considering im 12 should i get a coker or a 29inch

you should be able to ride a coker but it depends on what your doing, coker for road and 29 for road and xc muni

Disclaimer: haven’t ridden or even seen a Coker myself, so my knowledge of them is based on what I’ve read, mostly on RSU.

I bought a 29" Nimbus from UDC, which I’ve been very happy with. It’s fast but still maneouverable enough for me to ride it safely round a busy pedestrianised city, full of bikes and tourists in all directions. In this environment I’m glad to have a slightly smaller machine, and the extra speed of the Coker wouldn’t be usable for substantial parts of my journey. The 29er would also be a bit easier to mount / idle (although I can’t idle it yet), which are also useful in the city. It also the advantage of being a little smaller to push / carry around, store in my office or at home.

I thought about getting a Coker, but I’m only about 5’ 8" tall and a 29" wheel seemed plenty huge enough to me! I figure that for me, it’s like a 6’ dude riding a Coker anyhow :wink: The 29er took a bit of getting used to after my 20" standard, but it’s seeming much more natural now. I’m told Cokers can be ridden in just about any circumstance with enough practice, so I still think I might try switching at some stage. I think I’ll be glad to have had an “in between” unicycle to practice on, though.

Oh, and the 29" Nimbus is cheaper :wink:


The other thing to bear in mind if you are 12 is whether you are tall enough to ride a Coker, according to you need a minimum inseam length of 31 inches, which might be longer than some 12 year olds legs.


I have one of each (well, strictly speaking, I have a Coker and a 28er).

The 28/29 is lighter, more portable, more steerable, more versatile, more idleable, easier to upgrade and safer in crowds or traffic.

The Coker is marginally faster in a straight line or on a journey.

On my Coker, I couldn’t keep up with Joe Marshall on his 29. That is, it’s not just how many inches you have, but how fit and young you are too.

There are absolutely no rational arguments for buying a Coker instead of a 29.

But who unicycles for rational reasons?:slight_smile:

I can only take my own example and say you’ll get more use out of the 29, and add to that that if you get a 29 now, you will still have the Coker to look forward to when you’re a bit taller and heavier.

  1. Being 12 shouldn’t be a factor, as long as you’re tall enough.

  2. There have been many, many, many threads on this exact topic. Search around and you can read opinions until your eyeballs fall out so I won’t add any more here. Advice: give more weight to the people who have actually ridden or own both.

  3. Whenever people ask which of two unicycle types to get, the inevitable right answer is always “Both.” The real question is which one to buy first, but it seems a lot less urgent that way. :smiley:

good point i think i will coker or when im getting it having a test on a 29er and then a coker

i just got a new sun 28 and i have to say its very fun and CHEAP. It cruises at a good speed, with some shorter cranks im sure you would be able to really get moving. you could get about 5 sun 28’s for the price of a coker delux

A coker can be quite adjustable for leg length but there is still a minimum, as you say. Bear in mind that the 28/29" may also require quite long legs depending on the model you get - if you don’t get to try the cycle first, you’ll need to contact the folks who’re selling it and verify it’s suitable for your inside leg. You’ll probably need to cut the seatpost down (or get the shop to do so) whichever you buy, unless you’re really quite tall.

Also, I find my 29er requires quite a lot of leg strength compared to a small uni: my muscles get tired quickly if I’m doing tricky stuff. For just cruising I guess it’s not much different, except that the gearing’s higher. I think the extra rolling mass makes things a little more physical though.

This gets better as I get used to it, but I’d imagine it’d be worse on a Coker (any comments, anyone?). Just something to watch out for. But Cokers are cool :wink:

Like Mike, I have both a Coker and a Sun 28. But for me, after getting the Coker I lost all interest in the Sun. The Coker rocks my world.

(Actually, I mostly alternate between street Cokering, and riding park hills on my 24" Nimbus.)

Still, I like Mike’s advice on getting the 28/29 and leaving the Coker for the future. (The Sun 28 is a good cheap uni.)