Coker or 29" for C to C


Just wondering if anyone has done the coast to coast (UK) on a uni?

If so, what would be better coker or 29" wheel size?

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Sarah Miller, Paul Selwood, and Roger Davies did the UK Unicycle Coast to Coast in the year 2000 on Cokers.


I did it two years ago on a Coker. I did it in 4 days, but could have done it in 3. Roger’s 2 days is pure madness - ask Roger. I also know someone else that did it in 2 days (on a Coker) and they also recommend doing it over 3 days.


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I’m the only uni I think, they’re planning to do it in 4 days. I’m a bit worried about a coker cos I have such short legs.
What is the terrain generally like - would I nedd knobblies?



The first day I had 150mm cranks - the second & third day 170mm cranks as you go over our pennines (hilly). the last day is all down-hill and flat so you could go down to 110mm cranks if you want to. The terrain is on-road (if you choose to) so its easy riding & smooth.

Good luck - it’s a lovely ride.

This year a group of us are doing another C2C, but further South. We’re doing the Trans Pennine Trail which is 215 miles from Southport to Hull. There’ll be approx. 7 Coker riders doing the ride.


Coker is quite do able, 29er might be easier on the up-hills but rather dull for the first and last 30 miles which are pretty flat.
3 days for a coker would seem about right, IF I were to do it again I’d try for three days, or maybe longer if i were unsurported. When we did it in two days we had an ace back up crew who sorted out all our meals and dry clothes and carried everything for us.

Sarah Miller


Myself (on the coker with the standard cranks) and my mother on a bike both of us carrying our clothes etc and, did the c2c last year from Workington to Newcastle (west to east). We did it in 4 days with no training before hand and following the marked route (very well marked). i won’t lie i found it hard on the knees (not the musseles) so i would recomend enjoying the journey! also fit a break, i did and found it a life line for my knees.

ps i might be intrested in this other new trip could you send me the info and any other coker meet ups, i live in poole on the south coast and am into MUNI too.



I’ll be near Lulworth Cove for the week following easter with my Coker & Muni, send me a pm if you’re interested in doing something then