Coker options

I am looking for suggestions on crank arm length. I am 6 foot 3 and 170 lbs and plan to ride 20-40 miles.

I am a relative newbie, 2 months. I can ride 2-3 miles on my torker lx and dismount about every 1000 ft.

Am I ready/qualified to ride a coker?

Also, I seem to like the Torker seat. Should I get that or should I get something better?


Re: Coker options

On Fri, 5 Nov 2004 20:31:34 -0600, “n9jcv” wrote:

>Am I ready/qualified to ride a coker?
I think so. Even if you aren’t yet you will soo be, so it won’t hurt
ordering the Coker already.

>Also, I seem to like the Torker seat. Should I get that or should I get
>something better?
Have you ever tried other seats? For distance riding a good seat is
important. An air seat is often considered to be the best for

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For crank length, I would start with the stock 150mm cranks on the Coker. They are pretty good all-around, and later you can decide if you want to switch to shorter or longer cranks based on your riding style, terrain, and preferences. I’m using 140’s on mine right now, but everyone has their own personal preference.

Isn’t the Torker LX saddle a miyata copy? If it is the one I’m thinking about and you are comfortable with it, it should be a good choice. Again, lots of individual preference on saddles. I use the KH/Velo on all of my unicycles except the coker. I prefer my old air-seat converted Miyata on it.

If you plan on distance riding, I think you’ll enjoy a Coker - go for it, everyone should have one in their uni arsenal!

Is your login name a ham call?
If so, 73 de W5MEJ


Thanks W5MEJ,
yes I am a ham, have been for about 12 years. I like QRP and building my own rigs. How about Unicycle Mobile anyone???

I will probably order the Coker tomorrow. I was kind of looking at the GB4 frame, but that would be in a completely different price category, time you get it all built up. I guess I will just go with a Coker stock for a while and then later get something else

73 de N9JCV

I’ll agree on the 150mm cranks for starting out. First you have to get used to the bigness of the wheel, and longer cranks will make you a lot more comfortable during this phase. Later on, you may want to switch to shorter ones. I use 125mm for my 8 mile ride to work with a few shallow hills. I think Lars Clausen used 102mm cranks for most of his 9000 mile 50-states ride. His idea of long cranks was 125!

150mm is just right for starting out. Depending on terrain, once you’re comfortable on the Coker, you might want anything from 100mm to 170mm. I prefer 125mm for general riding on roads.

Correction for John: Lars Clausen used 110mm on most of his tour - I’m just finally reading the autographed book I won at the Calif Muni Weekend.


I have a little question.

What is a Coker?

A Coker is a unicycle with a 36 inch wheel. “Coker” is actually the name of the company that makes the tire, but almost any 36 inch unicycle is called a Coker. Here is a pic of me riding one of Nathan Hoover’s Cokers:

They are mainly used for distance riding and some people use them for MUni.