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Quite a chunk of change to pay for a uni with absolutely no customer support, warranty, etc. etc. :thinking:

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seems like an ok price to me for a GB4 frame, Magura’s and an Airfoil
rim…its never been riden either which puts it up there.

i can see that going for 700 at least probobly more.

i like how he mentions its never been riddin outside, was it just
ridden around the kitchen? :slight_smile:

This Coker did not sell. Nobody even placed a bid. What scared everybody away? Was this a “reasonable” price for a unicycle like this?

I like it just dont have the cash

One possibility is that it is probably a decent uni, and the opening bid was reasonable but the sale is anonymous. The people who would buy it are not new riders, connected to this forum or to clubs, and would tend to buy from people they are used to. Jagur posts here, and tends to sell unis and parts fairly quickly. On the other hand, I posted a new freestyle here, and didn’t get any offers. Another possibility is that “the” customer didn’t happen to see it, and the seller should try again.

the auction was ended early. you can read that on top of the auction page. nobody really had much time to bid.

most of the time i take a pretty sizable loss and things move quite fast that way. if i remember right yours was $360 + shipping costs, firm. that makes it hard to sell since it was pretty close to retail which then the buyer has numerous choices of where to buy.

also my Freestyle was the hardest thing to sell, there just isnt alot of resale in freestyle uni’s. i eventually took about a $100 dollar loss on that but it isnt still sitting on the show room floor and thats what counts.

I see that now. I thought the sale was supposed to end Sunday then when I looked at it today it was over. Thanks for pointing that out.

I agree with Jagur that the coker was reasonbly priced. I know George the guy who makes the frames and he really know what he is doing and makes some quality stuff.

Definitely George builds good frames, and if the uni is well put together, then it is worth it!

However, the anonymous appearance of the uni on ebay meant the general public, including this forum, doesn’t know who built it. Since it is billed as “custom”, I think that is a big unknown for a unicycle that is over $500 and will have no warrantee or follow-up associated with it.

Perhaps that clarifies what I am trying so clumsily to say.

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On Sat, 19 Feb 2005 08:26:09 -0600, “mucRider” wrote:

>This Coker did not sell. Nobody even placed a bid. What scared everybody
>away? Was this a “reasonable” price for a unicycle like this?

The availability of the geared Schlumpfs?

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