Coker on ebay

Just in case anybody’s in the market:

Re: Coker on ebay

“Krashin’Kenny” wrote:
> Just in case anybody’s in the market:

Is this your Coker? Or you just noticed it and reported it here?

I’m drooling over it and my wife is rolling her eyes.


Unless someone known in the forums could vouch for it, I would be skeptical.

People have mentioned picking up sub-par uni’s from ebay, and with the Coker wheel already known for it’s weakness, I don’t think I’d buy it. Not that a Coker rim can’t last forever if ridden correctly, but has the seller ridden it correctly? hmmmmmm

‘Only ridden 2 times’

or in car salesmen terms

‘Oh, those are highway miles’

Re: Re: Coker on ebay

Not mine, I plan on keeping my Coker for awhile:D

I just happen to run across it while I was browsing through ebay

Well, I put a bid on that coker, though I was immediately outbid.

The thing is up to $258! At this point I’d rather pay $60 more and get a new one without all the uncertainty of a used eBay product.

If you’re not in a hurry to buy a Coker, keep an eye on ebay. Sometimes the Coker Tire Co. lists them on ebay. That’s how I got mine for only $288 (new, from Coker)

I have a three horned uhhh horn. I’ve been trying to mount it on my uni forever. I would upgrade to an air saddle, maybe stronger cranks, brakes, and handlebars.

at $295 the remanufactered Cokers at are a better deal than even a “new” stock Coker. they have a wider hub and a KH seat for starters.