Coker on a pole!

OK, well it’s not actually a Coker… but the gear ratio makes the (equivalent) wheel size closer to that of a Coker than anything else… and it is on top of a pole!

So I flipped the wheel around on my geared giraffe Saturday night to give it the (higher) gear ratio, which makes it equivalent to a 37.5" wheel… and then finally took it for a spin for the first time late Sunday night. It’s definitely quite weird to ride! With the wheel wanting to shoot out from under you and being up high on that pole, it does take some getting used to. Freemounting was also a bit tricky, but not as bad as I had anticipated. I guess having got somewhat used to freemounting it with the 31" equivalent wheel size, the jump up to 37.5" wasn’t too bad. My latest thing is learning to pirouette… on both the Coker and the geared giraffe. The gearing on the giraffe will make this thing do one mean pirouette once I get enough practice! I’ll try and get some video of my attempts online… once I get decent at it. The geared giraffe is definitely one interesting ride, though!

that’s REALLY geared up. i was just gonna make mine equivilent to like 26" if i built one. but very cool. i would love to see you try to freemount:D

any pictures of the geared uni setup??

That thing must go incredibly fast for a giraffe! What’s the seat height?

Good work, Andrew. Sorry I’ve been so slow getting to the geared Coker. It will happen eventually.

That post was from last November. Where’s HCR been?

I got and e-mail from him near the end of July. He’s been working towards his helicopter license and working a lot. Busy, but doing well.