[Coker MUni] Grahams Hills Park

My mother went to see a telecast of a play at nearby town, so I hitched a ride and rode the adjacent trails with my 114mm cranked Coker.

It was my first proper trail ride with the hula-hoop and I’m starting think it’s the only muni I’ll need for NAUCC, err… the Uuu Games.

For all you list checkers out there, here’s an FYI on the contents of the bag:
1 stainless steel water bottle
1 copy of The Black Cloud by Fred Hoyle
(except when you can spot it in my pocket)
1 three-way hex key
1/2 banana (smushed)
1/2 banana (unsmushed)

Feel free to make comments both positive and negative, but it’s okay if you just want to watch it too. :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL, that last one really flew!

Nice riding! I was impressed that you were able to take a foot off on that bridge for balance. i went back and watched it again because I thought “Did that just happen?” :stuck_out_tongue:
You seem to have a lot of control with the 114s on varied terrain. Very smooth. I really enjoyed this video.

The faster you go the farther it flies! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d be impressed too if I took it off for balance, but I must admit that I did it on purpose. I was trying to ride the bridge one foot extended, but the run up from that direction was just bumpy enough that I didn’t get a better shot.

But I’ll aspire to that level. :o

A lower seat helped, and you’ll note the relative lack of riding upwards.

I’m sure this is what 36ers were made for but with 114 cranks and what looked like no brakes,that is taking things to a new level.


What a nice video. The MUni on the 36er looked really cool. Thumbs up. :slight_smile:

I love coker muni… might have to make a video myself when I can ride again :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d hate to have been a tree on the other end of that flying uni at the end :astonished:

Nice video. Good to see other people doing coker muni. That’s the kind of riding I enjoy most these days. Lots of fun going fast in rough terrain…

Nice riding! Was that really on 114 cranks? I think I go faster on my 29 than my 36 on the trails, because I am too intimidated to let it all hang out on the big wheel. The trails I ride are full of rocks and prickly plants which make the prospect of going down hard pretty unpalatable.

Thanks for the kind words everyone! :slight_smile:

Yep 114’s. I find short cranks much less scary on the 36er than smaller wheels because it takes the wheel longer to unexpectedly accelerate out from under me. In a similar fashion though it is harder to keep the speed up in the rough sections, and the trails in your videos seem rougher and more intimidating than the one I was riding.

Have you gotten your Schlumpf yet?

Still in a state of suspended anticipation in Schlumpf limbo… soon, soon, sooon…

Awsome riding!!

Reminded me of this vid. http://vimeo.com/4035007

I am too liking it.
Fun riding them big wheels in the piney woods…

so smooth… i want to give cokering a go now

Nice riding. We should meet up in NYS for some riding, we have some great cokermuni routes up here in Albany, or meet up somewhere in the Hudson Valley?

that vimeo link was awesome. indoor mountainbiking/muni!