Coker Max. Speed

i was just wondering what is the maximum speed you can get on a coker. the biggest wheels get most speed, right? so whats the biggest wheel size and how fast can you get? in km p/h would be helpfull

i think i saw a pic of a guy with a bike computer that had a top speed reading of like 38 kph on it i think?

i think fastest ever was 40-something.


woah thats fast.

theyre peak speeds though, cruising would be about 25kph maybe?

I believe roger can hold around 20mph (32kph) for some considerable time.

Personally my max is 26 kph, but i’m inexperienced and use 150mm cranks.

If I’m really energetic i can clock 41km/h on my coker. But if it’s an ordinary day, then 25-30 would be my highest. :smiley:

wow thats really fast. is should get one to ride to school.

At the bottom of this page are five links to threads which discuss Coker speed, maximum, burst, distance, endurance, you name it. Using the search function should give you some info also. Christian Hoverath was considered to have ridden a Coker faster than anyone for some time. It was witnessed but not well documented. You will read incredible and differing numbers with respect to Christian’s downhill burst several years ago. Dustin Schaap may have the fastest recorded top speed on a Coker now. Ken Looi holds some of the time/endurance records. Search around for it, you’ll have fun and learn the search function at the same time.

My personal fastest was about 19 mph, which is like 30.5 km/h.

oops. i completely forgot about that. sorry

wow i really want one now, are the harder than a normal uni to ride?

They are so worth it. I got my coker after i finished high school though :frowning: which i later modified :smiley: :smiley: . So it’s all good. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

They’re not really hard but aren’t suitable for beginners. As you can see here from the link below. But that never stopped me from getting one :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: . Some of the modifications i have done to my coker is put handles and put magnesium pedals. Which is a must for me cause I’m such a fast rider :smiley: :smiley:

Coker handle

And in the process of getting this for all my unicycles including BC and coker :smiley:

Take care

The wire stands really aren’t good, my friend has them for all his unis and they’re very easy to knock over, require a bit of bending to work with bigger wheels and I highly doubt they will support a coker unless you get it balanced just perfectly, which defeats the point of a stand. Hanging them from the ceiling by hooks is far preferable if possible.

Thanks for the heads up buddy. I’ll keep that in mind. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Take care


i will hopefully order my new cokerokerer next week cause i think im getting paid early on during the week.

im getting a

nimbus frame and T7 handle (if i dont get ]enough money i’ll scrap the handle), some kind of gel saddl, prowheel cranks on a superwide UDC hub, stainless steel spokes, airfoil rim, TA tyre.

i love cokerokerers

i have done 35 kph on my coker. cruising speed is usually 20-25kph depending on who i am riding with.

I think a number of confident riders can hit 37kph (23mph) or so when the mood/wind/hill takes them right. It feels pretty hairy though.

I’ve once hit 43kph (26.7mph) - probably due to having got a ‘max speed’ on my speedo of 24.8mph earlier that day, and seeing how far it might go… and a momentary lapse in self-preservation!

Dustin Shaap has a photo of his speedo after a Unicon race reading 39.9kph max. And Christian Hooverath of course has the ledgendary 29mph - I think measured by a following car’s speedo.

For me, a high top speed is always reached by having a good long smooth downhill road, not too steep and with plenty of visibility - preferably with some bikes to attempt to keep up with. Then relax and let the brake take the strain, and try not to think about how fast your feet are moving. :slight_smile:


I ride my coker where there are obstacles (street poles, workers cones, cracked pavement, outside parking lots with parked cars :p) at a slow pace then turn around and build up speed each time i turn around. It’s cool and sometimes dangerous, but hey that’s me. The looks of bike riders watching me increasing speeds while riding through obstacles scares them. My coker hasn’t suffered any damage and with the magnesium pedals i have now. Reaching speeds in excess of 30km/h is so much easier. Especially when riding slight uphills. Imagine the speeds i get when i ride downhill. :smiley: :smiley: