Coker legs

Greetings all

After five days of riding the new Coker, I switched to the 24" for the
daily commute to work. Reminded me of the first vehicle I ever drove
at the ripe age of 14. My granddad’s 1960 Chevy pickup. Three speed on
the column. Come to think of it my grandfather had neck troubles from
that day on.

It took several of these lurching motions to get my legs under control. I
could have caught the Road Runner. Hard to see through all of the tire
smoke, women were hiding their babies, a large mob of men, bent on
destruction, jumped in a truck to give chase. Barely escaped with my life.

Those five days on the Coker gave rise to these observations…

Loosing the Coker at speed, is rather spectacular. The momentum is still
there even though I am no longer enjoying it atop the seat. The gyroscopic
effect keeps her upright while the new Viscount seat introduces itself to
the asphalt. As the Coker rolls off into the sunset, dragging the seat
along, I try my best to warn unaware pedestrians that a Coker is on the
loose. Is FORE a good warning?

I could never free mount while being watched. Several groans from the
healthy joggers attested to the failed attempts. One dear lady was kind
enough to offer me some ice.

Having “The Big One” plastered on the side of the rolling juggernaut draws
racy comments from the local frat boys.

Stopping is a real lesson in Physics. Mr. Newton was astride a Coker when
he penned, A body in motion will stay in motion etc etc…

When the inside of your leg comes into contact with the wheel, whilst
wearing shorts. You know what waxing feels like.

You now have to duck, more often.