Coker & KH Seat HELP Please!

Help, I have a Coker with a KH saddle on it. I was tightening the nuts that hold the seat to the post and broke one off.

What is the best/only way to fix this. Will I be able to undo the seat cover, pull the old bolt out and replace it with a new one and then finally get the seat cover firmly attached again???

And I am thinking to myself, perhaps I should replace all 4 with stainless steel, high grade, so this does not happen to me again.

Any Ideas or pics on this process. Perhaps now might be the time to try air seat conversion, but I really do not want to screw something up. It is finally spring here and I just want to ride. I went 12 miles yesterday on the bike trail. I love it.

Thanks for your help.

Whenever I put my KH seat on a post, I use a nut driver rather than a wrench, and that has avoided the dreaded seat wiggle. None of my bolts have started spinning, but I have had one that loosens on it’s own. Otherwise, it’s really solid, even with hard coker-scale falls.

Me too

Exactly the same happened to me (Coker and KH Saddle).
Currently I just ride around with a saddle hold by three nuts.

So, I would be interested in seeing the fixing procedure as well.

Hasta luego,

My dad has a saying:

“That’s why they put 4 bolts in it – because 3 will hold it.”

He’s right. Three will hold it.

Has no on fixed this problem???

I can’t believe that many people only ride around on 3 bolts.

I really hate to take the cover off not knowing if I will ever be able to use it again!!!

I snapped 3 bolts off a schwinn seat,fixed it by buying a new one.:slight_smile:

Re: Has no on fixed this problem???

You can buy just the Fusion seat cover as a replacement.

You can pull the staples out of the old cover and take the old cover off. Then you’ll be able to get at the insides of the seat to fix the bolt. Then replace the old cover with the Fusion cover. That way you won’t have to deal with stapling and gluing the old cover back on. The Fusion cover slips on and then has a loop of string to cinch it. A replacement Fusion cover is $19 at

The potential problem is that the Fusion saddle is a little bit narrower up front so the Fusion cover might be a little bit snug up at the nose of the saddle (near the handle). If you have to you could shave some of the foam down to make room.

Re: Re: Has no on fixed this problem???

If it comes to that, don’t forget the related sage advice, also from John Childs: “Use an electric carving knife to trim the foam. Electric carving knives are great for trimming foam.”

I tried to take his advice, but the decades-old electric carving knife I inherited from my parents finally broke. Instead, I had to hack my way through with a bread knife. NOT the easiest process.