Coker+KH fusion Airseat Fun-ness

Just bought a funky 36" beast (deluxe) from the folk in atlanta. It is sooo much fun.
I went there in person so as to try out a few of my options, and was quite pleased with the service etc. Seems they don’t get too many walk-ins who’ve travelled all the way from Sydney to buy a new ride.
My groin is loving the new KH fusion airseat conversion - way better than anything I’ve ever ridden on before.
Before I start really cruising on it, i’m thinking about getting some wrist guards etc. Any input on those ?

Anyway, in short I just want to commend the folk at for doing a good job - and i even scored a free t shirt, a silly litle keyring, some bumperstickers, and an almost expired calendar…
But as someone who still hasn’t learnt to control anything with a motor, or with more than 2 wheels, where is one expected to put a bumper sticker?

And how the f*&k do you get on without hanging on to parked trucks?

I am a little short-changed in the inseam department, so freemounting a Coker proved to be a challenge for me initially. Here’s how I freemount my Coker:
With the pedals at 2 and 8 o’clock, I place my foot on the rear pedal and reach over the saddle with my right hand to grab hold of the wheel. Then I give the Coker a slight push as I jump onto the saddle while pulling against the wheel with my hand to give myself a little more “lift” as I plant my other foot on the forward pedal. This helps to get a little momentum to start that big wheel rolling.

Place this thread in the Rec.Sport category and you’ll probably get a lot more responses:)

a roller blade wrist gaurd is all you need. look for one with a splint un the middle of the palm, not a whole plastic palm…as the full plastic hinders seat handle holding

if you get them a little larger, you can still tighten them enough, but also be able to loosen them off and wear gloves under them