Coker is great in snow

I’ve noticed how much better the Coker rides in 2-3 inch’s of snow
compared to smaller wheels. Now I love when it snows, did about 35 miles
today and had a blast! It’s great when you hit an occasional ice patch
and can feel the wheel glide under you without pedaling for a second. I
find that I sweat much less than in the summer so I have more endurance
for distance.
Anyone else enjoy riding more in the winter than the summer?

Re: Coker is great in snow

yes,but not on a Coker in the snow.i literaly can not ride when it is above 80 degrees .sweat is a huge problem for me,i think the level of consentration envolved makes everything hotter.on a bike you get to coast and disapate some heat but on a uni its all work.

ideal temp for me is like 60 to 65 F and even then i take a 100 oz. camelbak with me.

in the winter here in the NW,there are a few weeks when its like 48 to 55 F and the ground is hard from no rain.those are my favorite riding days.

this brings up a good point.why are all the MUni week-ends in the middle of summer when its hot as hell?

This may be surprising because of the fact that I live in Australia, but i love the summer. The main reason is the fact that at the moment (in summer) the sun rises at about 5:00am and sets at at least 6:30pm. This gives me heaps more time before and after school to go riding. The heat’s not too bad either. If you pick a good time to go riding from maybe 4:00pm - 6:30pm it only reaches about 30 degrees celcius at the most. We do get the occasional 40 degree day but it’s worth it. It rained today for the first time in about 5 weeks.

Although I don’t feel the cold that much, I don’t like winter.


i love cokering in the snow as well!

I’d much rather be riding in the summer, but it’s now winter.

I like trying to slide a 90 degree turn from the riad to the sidewalk

I commute to school on ol’ Cokey

Re: Coker is great in snow

On Fri, 31 Jan 2003 23:37:24 -0500 (EST),
(Eddie Moffat) wrote:

>Anyone else enjoy riding more in the winter than the summer?
Yes and no. What I like a lot about the summer is the long daylight,
plenty of opportunity to ride after work and dinner. For MUni I find
summer temperatures often unpleasantly sweaty, MUni is better in the
colder season (including the occasional snow ride). Conversely, for
distance riding winter is uncomfortably cold. Just my opinion.

Klaas Bil

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I don’t like it when it’s real hot. It’s often real hot in Houston. I don’t ride when it’s above 98F -unless it’s at night. It has more to do with the humidity for me, and when it’s 50F here, it’s cold. It’s always humid. I prefer summer over winter. Today it was sunny and 70 -not exactly winter weather. In the summer, I can empty my 100oz camel back in a less than 2 hour ride (in the shade -people who ride in the sun are nuts). During the winter (now) the trails are very wet. In the summer, when not under water, they are sandy.
Where is Utopia?

It got up to 70F this weekend in Central Texas – sunshine, no rain and few clouds. Are you sure you don’t miss Austin, Eddie?