Coker in the snow


Here in Spokane there is about a foot+ of snow on the sidewalks. I got my coker a couple of weeks ago and havn’t been able to ride because of this friggin snow! I decided that I am just going to do it. My plan is to ride on the side of the road to skool at about 6:00 am. What do you guys think? My mom thinks it isnt a very good idea. How much protection should I wear? Maybe I should make some chains. Ooooh fun.


I was in your situation…last year.

Go for it

The Coker is the best through-the-snow commuter I have used.

It’s safer than your mom thinks, you have a lot more control on glare ice than you do on a bike (being able to pivot at the hips and remaining over the wheel even as it is leaning into a turn), and the big tire plows through stuff tracking straight that would send your bike handle bars off left and right.

The biggest safety issue is trying to make a 90 degree turn (at an intersection of two sidewalks, for example.

I generally wear protection, but not winter Coker commuting. I need the toque, and the speeds are a lot slower.

I really have never encountered a dangerous situation due to ice or snow.

I also ride with my $2500 laptop slung over my shoulder…it’s safe enough.

I’ve even passed a Jeep Cherokee stuck in the snow to who’s driver I asked, ‘May I suggest putting it into one wheel drive?’

Go for it.

You need to

Re: Coker in the snow

Be sure you are competent on the road before riding on the road in the snow… Be sure that 6 AM is before rush hour… Wear your helmet… Ride on snow before you need to get to school on time… Listen to your mom… Definitely have taillights and bright clothing… If it is dark you will need a headlight too… Pick a non-busy route…

If you can demonstrate your ability to mom in a parking lot on snow that would help.

I’ve ridden off-road in snow and ice on the Coker and it’s a blast, even at night. I lowered the pressure to somewhere below 30 psi to get better grip.

i’m sorry, I didn’t see that you said ‘on the side of the road’

try plowing through the sidewalks first…

I wouldn’t do it on the road if you jsut got it. Cars are naturally drawn to you because the drivers are staring at you.

You have not yet mastered it enough, methinks.

Stick to the sidewalks, and if you can’t ride those, have your mom drive you to ‘skool’