Coker in NZ

After a very llllllllooooooooonnnnnnnnnnggggggggg wait my Coker arrived today.
After several months on order. Went for a ride around the block
(20min). I felt a little unsteady on top but I manage to stay on for the whole
ride. Had a number of unusual reactions: A couple of guys drove past in a
car both (including the driver) had their hands out the sunroof giving me
a round of applause; A couple of kids applauded as I rode past and lots
of comments like “come quick and see this”.

I finished with chaffed thighs but I will be out for a longer ride tomorrow

The ride was made more difficult because my ankle is still swolen from the
sprain I suffered on the MUNI ride at the NZ Juggling convention 6-weeks ago.

Great fun.

Wayne Burrows