Coker in Black

Paul Wyganowski frame,handle & rear rack
Airfoil rim
105 ga. body spoke nipples
SS spokes(4x)w/#2 brass washers behind the spoke heads
Suzue hub
Miyata bearing holders
125mm steel cranks
Odyssey “triple trap” pedals
Primo double bolt clamp
“Avid” brake
Specialized “pro afterburner” tailight
Carbon Fibre w/ air pillow saddle (Roach & Gemcrest)
Zefal “paris” trunk bag
Specialized “sport” computer
Thumb shifter
mounting plugs
upside down mounted Nite Rider Light
grips,end plugs,water bottle cage & a bell

So far I’ve ridden this beauty for a week (250+ miles)
The wheel is light, but the seat weighs a ton :slight_smile:
I weighed the uni at 20 lbs with the handle & rear
rack. It seemed light. Since adding all the other
stuff, it now weighs about 25 to 32 lbs depending on
how much is in the bag.

I love this setup. I did chop off some of the seat
tube in order to lower the handle (long arms). I also
filed down the seam (weld) on the rim a little. There
is still a small “bump” there with the brake pads
close to the rim. It’s easy enough to tune out
though. The ride feels great…such a “clean”
feeling under my feet.


another pic



last pic

Never mind Erin’s ‘quad gallery’ I think she needs to start up a ‘package gallery’!

That’s quite a beast you’ve got there! (the Coker, you perverts)

That sure is one cool Coker!



WOW! looks really cool, but doesnt the bag on the back get in the way when you are freemounting it?

No, not at all. It did take a while to get used to freemounting with all that weight attached to the seat:)