Coker Idling, 1 foot riding, etc.

I thought what better thing to do with some “Idle time”, than to learn coker idling! Also 1 foot riding and a tad of hopping- all on my 36er. (Plus it gave me an excuse to use a favorite Bob Marly song!) :sunglasses:

But yeah, idling on a 36er is really tricky to get down!

NIce video terry! but for some reason those don’t look like 114’s to me… haha I should learn more tricks than just wheelwalking on my coker now.

AWEsome Vid Terry, especially liked the randomness in the tire grabs; heck the whole vid was an Awesome piece of random :sunglasses:

Haha thanks! I have footage of me idling with the 114’s, but could only get like 5 back & forths lol! So I threw on some longer ones, but it’s still much harder tha it looks!:smiley:

I know, I have a hard enough time idling on my coker with 125’s!

Haha what was that at the end? I want to try it, maybe down some drops haha

Excellent video Terry !! Really laughed at the ending :smiley:

Another great video, awesome idling Terry.

Just don’t let that last piece of the clip get out of the unicycle community, it will set back unicycling as a serious sport. I know that took skill, but that is the silliest looking thing I’ve ever seen done on any wheel(s). :smiley:

Haha yeah! It started with me mounting like that so I could reach down and pull the frame up and ride away, but I wasn’t able to do it, so I just hopped away lol!:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks yeah I may never live that part down!:o

A failed attempt at trying to pick up the frame and ride away haha!

You have that right! It was totally random I just had a thought to go out and do it with no real prep. Stuck my camera on a tripod and shot it quick.:smiley:

Great vid! I do that thing you did at the end on my trials all the time…I thought it was really a kind of mount.:stuck_out_tongue:

I think you are sick Terry, there was no peace sign in the video! Some one who lives by you should see if you look okay!

Really? That’s cool do you pick up the frame? I’m going to try it again on my 36er but I won’t quit 'till I pick up the frame and ride away lol! And I’m also working on the thing where you hop off the uni 180 and land back on the other direction. Not sure what that’s called. I think it’s like a small spin but with out spinning the uni at all.

Yeah I pick up the frame…but I doubt I could on a coker:p

On your coker!!?? :astonished: :thinking:

Haha yeah that’s how the last clip was supposed to end; with me picking up the frame, but I couldn’t do it after several tries, so I just hopped away lol! I’ll try again later when it’s not so hot.:stuck_out_tongue:

No, I mean the small-spin thingy, I KNOW you can get the frame!

Oh haha! YEah that would be insanely awesome if I could pull that off…without neutering myself lol!:stuck_out_tongue:

Just in case you DO neuter yourself make sure to video all attempts!

are you trying to emply something mon respect mon,respect? :wink:

good job on the idling thats some hard stuff on the coker

I must say Terry, you probably have the cheesiest sense of humor here! :smiley:

Yeah, it’s my “kraft”. Maybe it’s my “swiss” ancestory, or it could be my “sharp” observations, that “grate” on your nerves. But mostly I just have a “gouda” sense of humor! :stuck_out_tongue: