Coker Iddle-ing, Possible?

Has Anyone been Able to Iddle on a Coker? is there a Secret?

Its definitely possible. Not always practical though. Small hops work better.

that’d be sick… just like doing sideways ww on a coker. which would be BA in my opinion.

and emile, look in my sig, and refer to the last page you posted on in ‘Today i…’ thread.

Funny you mention coker idleing! In my next video, I do just that (with 114mm cranks), also 1 foot riding, plus a couple more things you totally don’t see done on a coker!:smiley:

yes very possible, but due to the distance you move when doing it not very practical, rolling back and forwards about 5 feet at the lights is not very safe behaviour.

I don’t even idle my own coker, apparently Emile does, but I usually either hold onto something, get off, or hop/still stand.

Most of the time I just get off then hop back on but I understand that its not easy for many people.

I’m not sure if it qualifies as a secret.
When you idle on a 20 your head stays in pretty much one spot and the uni ‘pendulums’ to and fro below you.
This is not quite the case when you’re idling the Coker.
You’re riding forward and back.
So don’t try n push your hips out from under you the way you would when idling on a 20, instead try n push your shoulders to stay above your hips while you move forward and back.
And don’t push as hard on the pedal as you think you should.

well it certainly isn’t now

I’m riding a super heavy stock steel rim coker on an original coker tire and it’s super hard to idle. I assume that the new fangle lightweight cokers are much easier to idle.

Well mine is a steel frame and the TA tire is way heavier than the traditional coker “button” tread, so my set up is definitely heavier than the new cokers.

But yes, the heavy wheel mass and size makes ideling not only difficult, but highly impractical; especially with short cranks! But what the heck, it’s still fun to try!:stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Fun to try…unless it’s 110 degrees outside! :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

Cokers like to be idled very slowly. The problem I think most people have is believing that their Coker will behave just like their 20 or 24 when idling. The wheel is too massive. The rotational inertia is much larger and so it becomes very difficult to make it change direction quickly. I can idle at traffic lights but I have to realize that if I’m on a back roll in the middle of an idle when the light changes, it’s going to be a while before I’m going forward again.

That changes everything!


150mm Cranks?

Is 1 foot riding easier to do on a Coker than on a 20 inch wheel, or is it harder?

I’ve a feeling the bigger wheels momentum would make everything more stable. Does that means it’s easier to 1 foot a Coker?

Thats how it feels for me when doing it on the coker.

Theres a bit more speed, so there is more of a mental effect on yourself, and possibly just being sacred that prevents you from one footing a coker.

What I tried was just taking my foot off for one rev and put it back on, but now I can do it for as long as I want with either foot. Which is really nice when riding a good long distance and you hit a bump or need to readjust your foot and you can just lift it off the pedal, and bring it back and not fall over.

I’m going for a “coker spin” (180) in my new video! I know it’s been done, but it will be a definite first for me, along with other stuff!:slight_smile:

Ying tong “iddle” I po.

I used to be able to idle the Coker. That was a stock steel rim and 150mm cranks. I managed to idle 100 pedal strokes once. The trick is to match your speed to the Coker’s natural swing, rather than trying to dominate it as you would a 20".

127mm, on a original skinny hub no less. Mounted to a frame made for a superwide, which makes for some interesting shim rattling.

Whenever I attempt I end up having to pull up as hard on the handle as I can and stand up. I think I’m trying to force it too much. I’ve successfully idled on a friend’s new Big One, however.

Well I was intrigued with the question in this thread’s title, so I went out an tried it. (One foot riding also) I’ll tell you it’s a LOT harder than I had visualized it! At least I got footage of it. :slight_smile: