Coker Hub

I just need a replacement Coker hub. No replacements are manufactured and my only alternative is to purchase a new wheel.

I suppose if i could receive a good price on an entire wheel i’d consider that too.

Super wide? 36 or 48 holes? I dont have any hub for you but you should write what kind it is.

I don’t think you can do better than $125 shipped for a new wheel from Coker. Of course this is the newer 48 spoke super wide hub version.

It’s too bad the Nimbus super wide hub doesn’t work in the Coker frames. That would be the obvious solution. Josh told me that the Nimbus flanges are a little bit wider than the Coker ones, and it causes rubbing in the Coker frames.

I am about to order a wheel from coker and plan on replacing the hub with a Nimbus one to fit in my KH frame.

It would need to cross the border twice and get dismantled on my end but I could sell you the hub that I don’t have yet for $20 and shipping.

Send me a PM if interested and I will let you know when I get the wheel from Coker.

Thanks, but I clearly did state what I needed. There is only one hub made for Coker unicycles. Since I stated that I required this specific hub, it is implied that it be 48 hole hub, with 128mm from center to center of the bearings, and that the hub flanges have 95mm distance between their centers.


I will surely buy your hub off of you. Thank you for the offer!

The original Coker had a 36 hole hub with holes drilled for 12 gauge spokes. It was a standard wide hub, and not the super wide.

haha… That’s what I get for talkin’! Well, I guess I require the hub that fits the *current Coker unicycles. Sorry, Jaco.