Coker hits 29mph!!!

…heh heh heh

I don’t buy that for a second, and the “speed” indicator cannot be seen clearly. It also looked like someone sped up the video a tad. Still, to me it looked like it was far slower than the alleged 29mph; indeed more like maybe 15mph. Also, if he really was hitting that speed, he’d be peddaling 3x that fast…as it is it looks like a very liesurely pace. Nice try though! :roll_eyes:

PS: Yeah, I saw your “hee hee” so I know it’s a goof! :slight_smile:

15mph? No way, I say atleast 24mph.

Again, look at how slow he’s pedalling! To achieve that AMAZING speed, you’d be pedalling so fast it would be a blur! Unless he’s using like 10mm cranks!:stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, 29mph is considerably faster than a roadbike average! If anything, it was 29KM, which is roughly 18mph. But that’s still faster than he was going. HAha, I’ve seen more convincing UFO footage.

Nah, I hit around 31mph the other day, I’d get footage but my camera is broken. Its not really that tough.

I welded my pedals directly to the hub, crank arms are for whimps.

Haha, that’s my line! :roll_eyes: Good one huh?

Maybe its your line, but its my hub, and I did it.

Cool, so you have the first “Coker BC!” Sort of! I’d like to see you try to “idle” on that! ANd yeah, cranks are for wimps…and while you’re at it, why not lose the saddle, the frame and that pesky tire; then you’d really have a challenge! You’d be all set for some fun slacklining! :slight_smile:

Are you suggesting that I would have kept the rim too? No way terry, spokes and a hub are all I need to get cruising.

it’s because the thing that show your speed don’t work that great with unicycles/bikes. One time I was going down a hill at like 25 mph (I have a computer on my bike) and the thing showed that I was going like 37, so it isn’t accurate on things other than cars.

I rode by one of those today

It said 9 for me. I’m sure I could hit 11 or 12 briefly, but I had to dart out into traffic to get the take. In his case I am sure it was picking up a vehicle behind him. It is difficult to get a reading for your 36 unless you are out in the lane and there is no one else on the road.

I don’t buy it either. I have had my fair share of high speed fly-by’s on sportbikes(motorcycles) past those police boxes, and that has a highly reflective headlamp lens. Most times they can’t even pick up a motorcycle, or a car without a front plate on it let alone a coker. There’s no way it’s going to pick up a skinny ass unicyclist:D

if you notice the thing is glitching and saying 25 and 29 the whole time.

I’m just waiting for Chexjc to post…he must be laughing his ass off right now!:smiley:

yeah a coker works out to be about 10 rpm per 1 mph. definitely not 290 rpm.

Unless there’s a Schlumpf in that wheel! :smiley:

maybe the speed camera thingy was measuring the speed of his forward pedal stroke or the top of his wheel as it was coming towards the camera, which would give a false, faster reading ?


I agree with you on this one. :smiley:

Or, it could be 29 measured in KM/H;)

Mmmmmm nope :slight_smile:

Of course it isn’t real. But thats not what happened. And the video was not edited whatsoever.