Coker Handlebar Road Teast

I had a chance to do over 30 miles of riding using the new Coker Pi bar over the weekend, and would like to share my impressions with those of you who have been asking.

Installation & Positioning – the bar went on easily & securely using just an allen wrench. I was pleased that I didn’t have to buy a new rail-type seatpost for this bar; it just slid onto the existing 4-bolt post. I tried different positions of the bar ends, and found the by removing the Chris Holm-style handle on the nose of the saddle itself, I could bring the bar higher & closer which for me feels more comfortable & efficient. I set the bar ends at about a 60 degree angle, and that places my hands at a height just below my navel.

Riding – I didn’t feel any additional weight on the uni whatsoever, and it handles great. I could spin really fast with less shimmy, and overall felt more comfortable & secure on it. After extended saddle time I found it easy to push forward slightly on the bar to shift my weight back onto my sit bones for a little crotch relief!

I ride a lot of dirt roads, and I was pleasantly surprised at how much faster I could go while using the bar to steer quickly around holes or sandy spots, and in & out of the ruts. I’m looking forward to practicing 90-degree turns with the bar as I prep for the criterium race of Ride the Lobster. On US Route 2, a paved road engineered for speed, I can use a little side push on the bar to help compensate for the cambered road shoulder around the curves.

The biggest advantage I found was in climbing with the Pi bar. I’ve been struggling on climbs since I’ve changed to shorter cranks, but anchored to the bar I found I could get fully out of the saddle, move a bit forward, and bring my bodyweight down on the pedals during the power stroke. When I got wobbly and needed to use an arm to balance, the one-handed grip on the bar kept me stable. Yesterday I was able to do the half-mile 10% grade on my training circuit easier & faster than ever before.

I think that the key feature of this bar for me is its adjustability – I can position it perfectly to enhance my riding.

So, have you found that you’ve hit your knees on it at all? It seems easy too because of how wide the bar is.

the bar is narrower that the saddle, so it shoudn’t be a factor, unless you have really fat legs!:stuck_out_tongue:

I can feel the bar with the inside of my thighs about well above the knee. It doesn’t interfere with pedaling, and I don’t really notice it when I’m wearing cycling shorts.