Coker handle -- seatpost mounted


Anyone out there making Coker handles that mount off the seat post (as opposed to screwing into the underside of the seat), I’d be most obliged if I could get your number and order one.


Here’s one that I made which attaches to the seat post collar. You could very easily weld it to the seat post itself.

I made one for myself. See the thread JC Coker Handle (revision Beta 2) for details. I’m now using a 2.5’ to 3’ piece of 1-1/8" (28.6 mm) aluminum tubing instead of shorter section of a 28.6 mm seatpost. The longer boom gives me more room to attach a water bottle.

If you want something welded up custom you might be able to get Max Dingemans’ dad to do it.

John, Rick Hunter can make anything you like - he’s up here near Santa Cruz. He likes doing custom unicycle projects like this. Rick might be the best bet as I don’t know what Paul Wyganowski is up to these days. A few years ago, Paul made quite a number of the extensions like the one I use for touring: Touring Hunter36

See for his phone number and email address.


Well, the one we have made is as appears in the attached picture. It’s made for a 7/8" post, and clamps straight to the post, so You’ll need to have about 3 inches sticking up. This one’s also made to fit onto a KH seat, but would work with a miyata or other brand if there were a couple inches left over to adjust the height. This one’s 85 Plus shipping. If it’s not what you’re looking for, let us know what you’d like.